REGIONAL Federal Credit Union’s New Marketing Intern Flourishes at Home

Samantha-YarosSamantha Yaros has one more year before graduating from Indiana University Bloomington and taking the first step toward her future. But, before she did that she knew one more summer at home was what she needed, and it ended up being the best decision she could have made.

Yaros lived in Valparaiso, graduated from Valparaiso High School, and has recently returned to the region to work under Kevin Kosek, the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at REGIONAL Federal Credit Union as the Marketing Intern for the summer.

“I really wanted to come back home,” she said. “I have always been really passionate about my community.”

She found the intern application online and applied, thinking it would be a great way to work in the community, while developing new and different skills.

Yaros will graduate from IUB with degrees in history and political science. She co-directs a pre-professional program at school that contacts and brings back alumni to the campus, and over the last summer she worked in Washington DC, working for Congressman Pete Visclosky.

“I interned for Congressman Visclosky and I loved working in Washington. I have worked on campaigns for the 2016 election, which I’m hoping I will do more of.”

Yaros admits she is a news junkie, inheriting the hobby from her family. Every day her father comes home and turns the news on and her brother is a history teacher.

“It runs in our blood I think!” she said.

Though Yaros enjoyed her time in Washington, and could definitely see herself working there, her heart will always be drawn back to her Northwest Indiana community.

“I really like investing in local stuff as well. So, maybe working for a city government or a larger municipality…” she said. Her boss, Kosek’s own passion of community involvement has reinforced that idea even more so.

“He (Kosek) is very involved in the community and has made a big impact on me as well,” she stated. “He is involved in lots of different groups and organizations and is on so many boards and that is definitely something I want to do.”

Yaros interns three days a week and is currently working on newsletters to be sent out to both members and teens who belong to the credit union. She is in the beginning stages of creating product campaigns for the next year and she is making a lot of phone calls, she said.

“I took a lot of phone calls for the Congressman, so I’m used to that!” she said. “I like talking on the phone with people. It’s fun!”

The best part for Yaros is attending community meetings with Kosek, and sometimes on her own. She has listened to the latest city updates during chamber meetings, was present when the first information of the Franciscan Alliance Healthcare System and Methodist Hospitals merger came out, and has the chance to meet with people from all over the region.

“I think Kosek uses me as his second brain for more ideas, which is really fun,” she said. “I am very fortunate to be able to work on something new and different than what I am used to.”

This summer of relaxing, going to the beach and hanging out with one of her nephews is time she is not accustomed to having and is taking every advantage! Usually she is involved in so many programs and groups, free time is a rare thing. In high school, she was part of the quiz bowl team and other academic clubs. She was a member of Natural Helpers and Team Lead as well. Now, in college she works as a Resident Assistant at a student housing building, volunteers for the radio station WIUX, and is getting ready to start applying to graduate school for a possible Master’s degree in public policy.

Keep your eyes out for the name Samantha Yaros during election years. She will be one of those leaders, taking her hobby and passion for news, politics, and community involvement and using them to make Northwest Indiana a better place to live!

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