Region theaters show off their talent at NIETF’s “Theatrepalooza”

Region theaters show off their talent at NIETF’s “Theatrepalooza”

The Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation (NIETF) put on their “Theatrepalooza” on Wednesday night at Coffee Creek in Chesterton. Various theaters and companies from around the Region showed off some of their skills and gave sneak peeks for upcoming productions.

“This is our sixth annual event. It’s a free theatre festival,” said Becky Jascoviak, president of NIETF. “It’s a way to showcase our member theaters.”

NIETF is a collection of theatre organizations from across Northwest Indiana, and includes everything from community theaters to professional theatre companies. 

Theatrepalooza 2019

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Theatrepalooza 2019Theatrepalooza 2019Theatrepalooza 2019Theatrepalooza 2019

“Tonight, we’re going to see some select songs, see some improv, see some play theatre, and see some people have a good time,” said Nelson Velazquez, Artistic Director for Improductions, LLC.

There were many performers at this event putting on various styles of acts, from improvisational comedy, musical pieces, and Reader’s theatre. This gave a few crews and companies a chance to demonstrate what the Region has to offer in the world of theatre.

“The importance of this event is to get the NIETF name out in the community,” performer Anthony Holt said. “It’s a chance to perform. It’s here in Coffee Creek so it’s beautiful.”

The NIETF wants to show the region that they don’t need to go far to experience quality theatre.

“I think people have a perception that they have to go to Chicago to get good theatre.” Jascoviak said. “We’ve had people come to this event and go ‘Wow, that was really amazing.’ It’s a way to showcase the talent in the Region and highlight our arts culture.”

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