Redwood Landscape’s recent patio project is a homeowner’s dream

Redwood Landscape’s recent patio project is a homeowner’s dream

The Redwood Landscape team has done many great things, but one of its greatest accomplishments yet has been bringing a couple’s landscaping dreams to life. The Redwood Landscape crew worked diligently and enthusiastically for a month to create a landscaping masterpiece the lucky couple thought could only exist in their fantasies. 

The couple bought their Valparaiso home in 1996, they’ve since been slowly working on their home and turning it into the house of their dreams. They started on the inside of their house, making additions and remodeling, but for the past four years, they've been wanting to turn their attention to the outside. It wasn’t until they came across Redwood Landscape that they decided it was time to make the outside of their home just as beautiful as the inside. 

To make this project happen, Redwood Landscape had to completely transform the outside of the couple’s house. The Redwood Landscape crew ripped out trees and turned a muddy piece of land into a gorgeous yard filled with winding paths and beds of mulch. Many different plants were planted and lights were placed to shine on the trees at nightfall so the yard looks just as beautiful at night as it does during the day. 

The highlight of the project was the patio. With a huge built-in fireplace and a running waterfall, it’s the perfect place for the couple’s two sons to hang out with their friends and have a great time. If the patio wasn’t enough to blow the couple away, the brand new basketball court was sure to. The basketball court is made entirely of pavers and has the most intricate design. Not only is it enjoyable to look at, but it’s also an awesome place to play a quick game of 1 on 1. 

Kevin Kogut, Redwood Landscape’s design and sales manager, said that one of the best parts about working on this project was getting to work with the couple. Throughout the entire project, they bounced ideas off one another and were constantly incorporating and changing things to make the project even better. He was thankful he had the opportunity to listen to what they wanted and come up with a design that they loved. 

“She was great to work with, he was great to work with, and they were very open-minded. She'd throw some ideas out there and I’d incorporate them in, and that's what it's all about,” said Kogut. 

Kogut is of course glad that the project turned out as amazing as it did, but he’s even happier that the customers were overjoyed by the work Redwood Landscape has done for them.

“She came out one day with a huge smile. She had this big grin on her face and the conversation began: ‘What's up?’ and she said: ‘It's just even more beautiful than I thought it would be,’” said Kogut.

The couple was so blown away by the work Redwood Landscape did for them that they promised if they ever needed any more landscaping work done, they know exactly who they’ll be calling. These customers aren’t the first ones to be impressed by Redwood Landscape; countless customers have praised the crew’s hard work. 

“Every single one of my three crews over the past two to three weeks has had every single customer rave about their work ethic— how they are attentive to detail, and how courteous and kind they are to the customers about the little things of cleaning up after themselves and listening to the customer when they come out. They're always thinking about the little things,’’ said Kogut. 

Kogut is proud of the Redwood Landscape crew for making this couple’s dream a reality. He has high hopes for the future, and can’t wait to keep making a difference in people’s lives one paver at a time. 

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