Ready to clink? Indiana Beverage serves an array of pre-canned drinks

Ready to clink? Indiana Beverage serves an array of pre-canned drinks

Convenience, preference, or taste – what factors determine your drink of choice? 

While some prefer hand-poured concoctions served alongside a meal in a restaurant setting, others might enjoy just “cracking open a cold one” alongside friends in the comfort of their own backyard. 

Indiana Beverage understands the comparisons and differences between ready-to-drink (RDT) beverages and bar favorites. As Lead Brand Manager Armando Castellanos puts it, it is all up to timing. 

“The quicker you can serve a drink, the better it is for everybody,” Castellanos said. 

According to Castellanos, the release of the first RDTs dates back to the early 2000s. Well-known names like Smirnoff Ice and Mike’s Hard Lemonade made their way to the shelves, and more brands began to follow. 

“A decade later, brands like Redd’s Apple Ale and Not Your Father’s Root Beer also hit the adult beverage scene,” Castellanos said.

As companies began to release more styles of RDTs such as canned, bagged, and other forms of pre-packaged drinks, canned alcoholic seltzers became quite popular in many liquor stores in the mid-2010s. 

“Fast forward to today, you have brands like White Claw and Truly Hard Seltzers,” Castellanos said. 

Castellanos is “humble and fortunate” to be partnered with two of the top RDT brands in the evolving beverage industry. What makes these brands so sought after, though?

“The main difference is that the RTDs that we represent are actually brewed, whereas traditional spirited cocktails are blended with distilled spirits, mixers, and garnishes,” Castellanos said. “Our brands are also brewed for session ability typically weighing in at an ABV of four to six percent. Spirited cocktails typically, but not always, carry a higher ABV level than that.”

Castellanos also noted that Indiana Beverage’s sugar cane RTDs are also “traditionally gluten-free” with a range of zero to 100 carbs per drink. Sugar servings are also usually less than a gram per serving. 

Aside from White Claws and Truly Hard Seltzers, Indiana Beverage also carries Vizzy Mimosa, Topo Chico, and more up-and-coming drinks. Castellanos is excited to continue distributing a variety of RDTs like Texas Ranch Waters. 

“These hard seltzers contain Tequila flavors spawning from real Blue Agave with added hints of Mineral or Seltzer water and a splash of citrus flavors,” Castellanos said.

New names are expected to hit local shelves as the summer approaches.

“We’ve also launched a new Sparkling Refresher called Bevy Long Drink which comes in three amazing flavors: Berry, Citrus, and Lemon-Lime,” Castellanos said. “Bevy was influenced by the National Cocktail of Finland called the ‘Long Drink,’ which is a cocktail made with Gin, Citrus Fruits, and Club Soda. I anticipate more Long Drink brands to enter the scene in the near future.”

Castellanos wants customers to keep their eyes peeled for fun flavors from RDTs like Truly Margaritas, Corona Seltzeritas, and more to come. 

“We literally have a brand for every occasion!" said Castellanos.

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