RCS Home Healthcare Takes Networking Off-Shore With Mystic Blue Chicago Cruise

RCS Home Healthcare Takes Networking Off-Shore With Mystic Blue Chicago Cruise

On Friday evening, RCS Home Healthcare hosted a networking event aboard one of the Mystic Blue Chicago boat cruises. Engineered as a night of fun and relaxation with a bit of networking thrown in, those in attendance had a blast.

Guests were treated well and provided transportation to and from Chicago, as well as dinner, photos, and dancing aboard the boat. Donna Brandy, Director of Marketing for RCS Home Healthcare, was excited to bring referral sources and potentials together for an evening of fun.

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"Often the only face people get to know in this industry are the ones out doing the marketing like Brittany Rigoni, who covers Porter and LaPorte Counties, and myself who oversees the entire region," Donna Brandy explained. ”This cruise gave us the opportunity to introduce some other amazing people behind the scenes that continually go above and beyond to provide our patients with quality/compassionate home healthcare. Many of you have heard me talking about what a great company RCS is and how our owners and staff truly care about people; this cruise made it possible for our guests to meet some of these people on our team."

As the Chicago skyline passed by, groups mingled, enjoyed the view, and had the chance to meet and form relationships with new people. Healthcare is by and large a relationships business, something the owners of RCS Home Healthcare understand very well.

“You cannot work by yourself in this business,” said Moazz Mohamed, Co-Owner of RCS Home Healthcare. “This is about relationships and cooperation, it's teamwork, we could not have done this by ourselves without the help of all the people doing this.”

His sentiment was echoed by Sayed Yousef, another of the business’s co-owners.

“RCS has been in the business for quite some time, so we want to appreciate the community of Northwest Indiana and Chicago, the healthcare community, who send their clients or patients to RCS,” Yousef said. “We would like to get to network with different people and thank them for what they do for their seniors. Its value is not only for us, it’s for the seniors themselves. Anyone benefiting from home health, it’s all teamwork.”

The feeling of teamwork wasn’t reserved for those with RCS Home Healthcare, though. Guests of the cruise also felt that healthcare was a teamwork industry and that the networking event was a unique, fun, and interesting way to encourage that cooperation.

“You get to mingle with all kinds of different doctors from all avenues of the industry, and I think you learn about each other and it builds that networking in the community. That’s how we can help those who are looking for placement or have needs,” explained Melissa Green, Executive Director for Journey Senior Living of Valparaiso. “If I can’t meet their needs, I can refer them to someone else in the industry who will meet their needs.”

Clearly, the event was a hit for all on board the Mystic Blue Chicago cruise. From dinner to dancing, many people had the opportunity to meet each other, learn more about the services available to those they help, and enjoy a beautiful, clear night.

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