Q&A with PTO Vice president Meredith Bickell

Q&A with PTO Vice president Meredith Bickell

What is the Wildcat Walk and how long has it been going on?

"The Wildcat Walk is a "FUN"rasier where the students are asked to get sponsors/donations to help support their school. 100% of all donations are put right back into the school! It is the largest fundraiser that we have. We have been doing it as long as we can remember - at least the past 8 years."

What are the donations going towards?

"In the past, we have used the funds to purchase a new sound system for the gym, playground equipment, [and] safety gate. This year we are using the money to purchase a new sign for the front of the building."

What was the donation goal and how much was raised?

"Our goal is set at $10,000. In the past few years we have come pretty close to meeting it, with totals being $9,00-$9,500. This year we still did awesome; we collected $6,149.26"

How does the walk usually work pre-COVID?

"In the past, we have it outside, we have PTO paid members volunteer their time to work it, [and] we have a DJ. It's not just walking; it's games, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and dancing. Fun for all! Each grade comes out together. For example, all four fourth-grade classes participate at the same time.

What things had to be changed/adapted in order for the Wildcat Walk to still be put on this year?

"This year [there were] no volunteers, no DJ, [and the students] participated during their PE classes during the week. Hence, each class individually.