Pure Fat Loss Challenge Offers Unique Approach to New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Pure Fat Loss Challenge Offers Unique Approach to New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

With the new year fast approaching, many people are eager to find a fitness plan that will help them start 2017 on a healthy note. Though there are certainly many options out there for weight loss, the Pure Fat Loss Challenge offers a unique approach coupled with local representatives that make it the best option for your weight loss goals.

The 12-week program beginning on Jan. 1 was started three years ago by Justin Savich, president of Life Success Group based in Valparaiso. With a lifetime of experience in personal training, sports nutrition and natural bodybuilding, Savich noticed a trend in weight loss.

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“I was so sick and tired of how horrible weight loss programs are,” said Savich. “Everyone is uneducated about the fact that it is all about body fat percentage. It’s not about the number on the scale. When people say they lost 20 pounds, they could have loss 30 pounds of muscle and put on 10 pounds of fat. The reason people lose weight is they go back and forth losing fat and muscle. This is the Pure Fat Loss Challenge to ensure they just lose fat.”

The challenge focuses mainly on meal plans, but also includes guidance on the proper forms of exercise. On Dec. 28 at Avalon Manor, a kick off event was held for participants to have their initial weigh in, take a “before” picture, and learn more about the program. On Jan. 31 and March 3, mid point events will be held to further discuss the difference between losing weight and losing body fat. On April 8, the graduation ceremony is held to celebrate those who have completed the challenge.

In between these set events, participants have the chance to schedule three personal meetings with Savich and a team leader, such as Cindy Standiford. Standiford , who used to claim that “exercise was against [her] religion,” completed the program in 2016 and has since become a team leader, eager to help next year’s participants find the success she did.

“I really think the team support, the encouragement, and the assignments you do that make you think are what make the program successful,” said Standiford. “Justin gives you all the tools and all the knowledge. This program changed my life. I am a different person than who I was in January when I started. I feel that it is my ministry to be a team leader now. It’s another way to help people, in a way that I never thought I would.”

Throughout the 12 weeks, Savich and team leaders host conference calls, give ongoing instruction, and complete private weekly messages via Facebook to ensure every participant has the best suited plan for them. The PFLC Facebook page also connects fellow participants to create a motivating community.

Prospective 2017 participant Alicia Richmond said, “I met Justin and he talked me into [PFLC.] It has a Christian feel to it. Anything that is God-based helps me a lot. I think it will also make me a better Christian, but I also want to lose the weight and feel better. You can see how excited Justin is for the program. The group aspect is also motivating.”

If you are interested in joining the 2017 PFLC community, there are just a few days left. Email Justin Savich as soon as possible at justin@lifesuccessgroup.org or message him on Facebook. Partners are suggested, but not required. Though local participants benefit from face-to-face interaction, anyone can join, no matter where they live.