Purdue Federal Credit Union offers individuals, businesses opportunity to achieve dreams

Purdue Federal Credit Union offers individuals, businesses opportunity to achieve dreams

From individuals to small and large businesses, taking advantage of responsible lending can lead to achieving dreams. Whether it’s buying a new car or expanding your business, having an expert banker who will work with you is important. At Purdue Federal Credit Union, the financial experts are ready to help you find the loan you need.

One of the greatest advantages of taking out a loan from a credit union is the emphasis on the member. As credit union members are part owners of the credit union, the focus is on them and what is in their best interest. Purdue Federal Credit Union strongly believes in that member-first mentality. 

“We want to do what’s right for the member. We don’t believe in putting someone into a product just to sell a product. We truly care about our members and we’re going to make sure they have the best product, can afford it, and that it is the right product for their financial situation,” said Nikki Gaylord, Vice President of Lending at Purdue Federal Credit Union. 

Personal loans

Many people may not be aware of just how many personal loan products are available to members at Purdue Federal Credit Union. (A full list of loans offered is available here: https://www.purduefed.com/personal/loans/

“We have a variety of loan options,” Gaylord said. “We have a whole suite of software we can use, and there’s a loan for just about any need for consumers’ purposes.”

Many of them, such as personal loans that can be used for anything a member needs, can be completed quickly and with great ease. Members can call and apply over the phone, if they have an account already they can apply through online banking, or they can come into the office and apply.

“We also do a lot of e-signing, so sometimes the member doesn’t even have to step into the branch,” Gaylord said. “We do all of our closings for our consumer loans through e-closing. That excludes home equity loans and first mortgages, but car loans, personal loans, or credit cards can all be done online and we’ll send e-documents to be signed. We try to make the process as easy as possible.”

Members who use the expertise of the Purdue Federal Credit Union team will find a personal and caring touch. 

“We have a lot of knowledgeable staff that can get our members into the right product and we take the time to ask a lot of questions. Just because someone comes in and says they want a personal loan, that may not be the right product for them and we may have a different product that they didn’t even know about that would be better,” Gaylord said. “We’re going to take the time to find out what a person’s financial situation is and what is going to work best for them.”

Business loans

Many businesses will need loans to grow their reach or find that new perfect building to meet their needs. When it’s time to find a lender, the first-rate team at Purdue Federal Credit Union is there to help businesses, no matter the size. (The full range of business loans offered is available here: https://www.purduefed.com/business/loans/.)

“We want everybody to be able to achieve their potential, and so giving them the tools they need to reach their potential and grow is important,” said Sam Burns, Vice President of Member Business Services.

The same personal touch that is given to individuals extends to businesses as well. 

“To differentiate ourselves, we try to focus on the way we serve our members. So we focus on excellent communication, which is the most important factor,” Burns said. “We try to get details and then come back to the business to show them exactly what our interest rates will save them in principal, in interest, and what their net gain is. We’re trying to provide them with a higher level of service by going the extra mile, which is very rewarding for both the member and, in the long run, us as the lender.”

Part of the personal touch is offering businesses top-quality resources to help businesses grow. 

“We partner with an executive coach to help members continue to evolve as a business and will recommend tools and resources so they can continue to develop for those who want them,” Burns said. “So when they’re ready for that next level of growth, we’re trying to help them with that plan and to take on their next initiative.”

While both personal and business loans are for members only, becoming a member at Purdue Federal Credit Union is easier than you may think. 

“If someone who was not a member comes in, we would look for a way to make them a member, and we have so many ways for someone to become a member,” Gaylord said. “People often see Purdue and think they can’t be a member of our credit union because they don’t work for Purdue, but they could be related to someone who works for Purdue or a parent of a student. There are many ways.”

Purdue Federal Credit Union’s personal care, member-first standards, and excellent options of products offered make them a superb lending option for anyone.

For more information on  Purdue Federal Credi Union, visit their website https://www.purduefed.com/.