PTSC Update: Virtual Inclement Weather Day Survey

porter-township-schools-logoThank you to all who completed our survey last week. You taking the time to complete that survey is valuable to us as we are always seeking to learn, grow, and improve. We value your feedback!

  • I have internet access at home: 99% said yes
  • My child knew where to go to find his/her work: 90% yes, 1.6% did not know the answer
  • Teachers were available if my child needed help: 73% yes, 24% did not know the answer
  • About 50% of PTSC students access help from their teacher (17% answered that they did not know if their child accessed help)
  • Learning targets were available by 9am: 99% yes
  • I would like to see the option to do virtual inclement weather days continue: 90% yes

We know we had some issues as folks lost power, which is why we extended the open window through the weekend to allow extra time to complete work if needed. If you fell into that category, I trust you were able to work with your child's teachers for extended time.

A couple of interesting comments were about wishing we had done a virtual inclement weather day on Friday, too. We decided against it as it would have been a stretch for our teachers to have another day of digital content ready for Friday, and felt like the best option was to utilize a regular snow day. We were pretty sure early on that Wednesday and Thursday were going to be days we could not come to school (so there was ample time for teachers to have materials ready)--but it was not until we drove the roads all Friday morning up until our first bus needed to get on the road (post 2 hour delay) that we made the decision that some of our roads were still just too dangerous. This would have left very little time for teachers to make sure their content was uploaded by 9am.

We continue to digest the comments looking for ways we can continue to grow and improve. It was encouraging to read comments that our days this year were improvements from our days the previous year. That is our goal--to continue to get better!