Product Specialist Neville Weer finds a wealth of opportunity at Thomas Dodge

Product Specialist Neville Weer finds a wealth of opportunity at Thomas Dodge

Finding the right job for yourself often extends beyond monetary concerns. The perfect fit can involve room for growth, the opportunity to learn and apply new skills, and an atmosphere that feels like a second home rather than a workspace. Product Specialist Neville Weer found that Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM offered all three.

As Weer’s 21st birthday approached, he realized that his teenage summer job as a porter wasn’t providing him with everything he needed. He’d hit the ceiling on job growth there, and so he began looking towards greener pastures. He applied to Thomas Dodge, and he could barely contain his excitement after learning he had landed the job.

“This was my first my first sales gig,” said Weer. “Thomas Dodge picked me up on a whim. I applied, they hired me, and I actually sat at the dealership for about two hours waiting to just talk to a manager because I was so excited.”

Weer has been with Thomas Dodge for just over four years, and the dealership has grown to occupy a special place in his heart.

“I love it, man,” said Weer. “They take care of me and everybody that works for them. There's nothing bad I can say about them. They've just always been there, and not even just on a business level, but also on a more of a family and personal level.” 

Part of what makes Thomas Dodge so endearing to Weer is the family atmosphere that’s developed between employees. Weer’s positive relationships with his coworkers run deeper than any hierarchy between management and his fellow product specialists. Everyone takes time to make sure everyone else is doing okay.

“If you’re having a bad day, people – not even just my regular coworkers but the managers, too – go out of their way to pull you to the side and make you feel a little bit better and motivated,” said Weer. 

As a product specialist, Weer’s directly involved in the sale of cars and has a lot of interaction with customers that enter the dealership. He and everyone at Thomas Dodge carry that family atmosphere into every customer encounter.

“Our number one duty is just customer service, making sure our customers are happy regardless of why they're there,” said Weer. “It's nice to talk to the people that are coming in. The biggest part of the job is being there and providing as much customer service as possible.“

Weer has developed a consistent base of customers from his time at Thomas Dodge. He doesn’t view his clientele simply as buyers; they’re friends, family, and people who have impacted Weer’s life for the better.

“I text them almost every day just checking up on them. That’s naturally created such a personal connection with our customers, and that's what it's all about,” said Weer. “It's funny because I was just thinking about this since one of my first customers just had a birthday.”

Weer has grown from knowing nothing about sales to being one of Thomas Dodge’s lead specialists. Last year, he made 211 sales, making him the top salesman of the year. 

“It was awesome. The feeling of looking back at all the work is definitely the biggest thing I could take back from just working here,” said Weer. “Without Thomas Dodge, I wouldn't have had the opportunities that I've had the past four years.”  

Outside of work, Weer likes to spend time with his wife and his coworkers. Without Thomas Dodge, Weer isn’t sure that he’d have the strong relationships that he does now because he wouldn’t have received the same opportunities such as the ability to buy a house or get married. For this, he is incredibly grateful.

“There's just opportunity and having people that care for you. It's hard to find a job. It's one thing to like the money, and it's another thing to like who you work for,” said Weer. “It's really hard to find, and Thomas Dodge has been very good to me. I definitely have way more opportunities in life because of them.”
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