Priscilla Block and Conner Smith bring country thunder to the LaPorte County Fair

Priscilla Block and Conner Smith bring country thunder to the LaPorte County Fair

The summer weather makes this time of the year popular for country music. The LaPorte County Fair had a country concert takeover on Tuesday, July 9.

The opening act was Conner Smith, a country music singer from Nashville, Tennessee. He performed a plethora of songs in the chilling rain to warm up the crowd for the headliner, Priscilla Block.

LaPorte County Fair Presents Priscilla Block 2024

LaPorte County Fair Presents Priscilla Block 2024 121 Photos
LaPorte County Fair Presents Priscilla Block 2024LaPorte County Fair Presents Priscilla Block 2024LaPorte County Fair Presents Priscilla Block 2024LaPorte County Fair Presents Priscilla Block 2024

Steve Mrozinski, president of the board for the LaPorte County Fair, is always excited for this time of the year. He is thrilled that they were able to bring in some great country singers to put on a show for everyone in attendance.

“I think it’s a nice opportunity for people in the area to come see these singers as they’re trying to make a name for themselves,” Mrozinski said. “Priscilla Block and Conner Smith are two very impressive acts and we’re glad to have both of them here in La Porte County.”

It’s a point of emphasis for Mrozinski and everyone who helps out with the LaPorte County Fair that they leave an impact on the community. He’s confident that bringing in attractions such as Priscilla Block, Conner Smith and several others in the upcoming days will put their foot in the right direction.

“We're all trying to make it better out here for these people,” Mrozinski said. “Let's get people out here to see everything that goes on. With all the functions that are done out here, the fair is a great way for people to see all the improvements we’ve made. I think it’s great for everybody.” 

Some attendees such as Meghann Toole came to the concert with the hope to learn more about the artists and enjoy great music.

“I’m really just discovering them,” Toole said. “The fair is always a lot of fun and they know how to bring in great performers.”

On the other hand, Ashley Schuld has been a fan of Priscilla Block since the start. When she found out she was going to be coming to the LaPorte County Fair, she knew that she couldn’t miss the opportunity to see one of her favorite country artists.

“I’ve been a fan of Priscilla for a very long time,” Schuld said. “I’ve been following her on TikTok for several years and keep up with everything on her. ‘Good On You’ is one of my favorite songs out right now.”

Although Priscilla Block was the headlining act that many came to see, Conner Smith made it an objective to connect and have fun with everybody in attendance by taking selfies and giving high fives all while performing. He even brought one lucky fan on stage to sing with him.

The night consisted of two up-and-comers in the country music industry. However, this is a lineup of performers that left people like Schuld excited for the future of what’s to come at the LaPorte County Fair.

“I love coming to the fair every year,” Schuld said. “It’s always a good time especially for the kids. Getting a chance to come see concerts is a lot of fun as well. They’re starting to get some bigger names and it’s awesome for La Porte County.”

While there were many excited fans in attendance for the concert, the smiles shined just as bright on the faces of Conner Smith, Priscilla Block and their bands while being treated to a wholesome environment in La Porte County.

The LaPorte County Fair will continue until Saturday, July 13. The next major performance will be Chris Young and special guest Matt Schuster on Wednesday, July 10.

For more information on the LaPorte County Fair, you can visit their website.