Prepare your bike for its first summer ride with help from local Harley-Davidson shops

Prepare your bike for its first summer ride with help from local Harley-Davidson shops

With the Midwest weather throwing us for a loop, being cooped up in quarantine, and feeling a little uncertain about what the future holds, the urge to hit the open road on your motorcycle seems to be a scene frequently playing in every rider’s imagination.

“I love the feeling of being in control of my own ride, and I love the freedom to choose when and where I go. I also love being one with nature – the fresh air and the breeze in my hair on a long country road appreciating every scenic route,” said Kelly Demma, local Harley-Davidson rider.

Riders can take this time to get their bikes in top-notch shape before hitting the road this summer, all with help offered from your local Harley-Davidson dealers in Valparaiso and Michigan City. (Online shopping is available and limited curbside parts and service may be available as well. Check or for details).

  • Bike Maintenance
  • Change your oil
  • Charge battery
  • Detail – Wash, wax & polish chrome
  • Check your tire pressure

“It’s good to get your bike maintenance done before your first spring or summer ride since it has been sitting all winter, and you don’t want to break down on the road,” said Dave Demma, local Harley-Davidson rider. “Plus, it’s always a good feeling to finish a project and an even better feeling when you get to test it out on the road.”

  • Bike accessorizing
  • Install upgrades – exhaust, air intake, engine (The louder the pipes, better the chance of vehicles hearing your bike over traffic or music and being aware of your presence)
  • New parts - buy that extra chrome you have always wanted
  • New tunes for the ride – sound system upgrades or simply Bluetooth speakers, ear pods, etc. (Remember - don’t tune out important traffic sounds with earbuds in both ears)

Curbside parts and service at the Valparaiso Harley-Davidson will remain open under a temporary schedule to help you keep your knees in the breeze. For more info, click here.

  • Gear
  • Jackets – leather for cool summer nights, wind breakers for windy days, or flannel fleeces for early fall
  • Two sets of gloves (hot days and cold days)
  • Boots
  • Rain Gear (just in case)
  • Two sets of glasses (polarized shades and clear lenses for nighttime)
  • Helmet – Be advised, if a helmet has been dropped or met with the pavement, it has been compromised. You would be best protected with a new one.
  • New Harley-Davidson shirt of course! Visit or to find your new favorite gear.
  • Plan for upcoming rides
  • Bikers love to come together for good causes! Browse for charity events coming up in your community this summer. You can also visit to browse organized runs near you. Riding in numbers on escorted events is fun, safe, and gives local riders the opportunity to meet new people.
  • Plan your route before you ride. This takes away some stress for many riders, especially new ones.
  • With riding weather comes road construction! Check with the towns to find out if your route has some uneven or gravel roads being worked on so you can avoid these areas.
  • For long distance rides, book hotels along the way
  • Explore – find and visit new places along the way
  • Enjoy the ride – It’s a big, beautiful world out there, and the best view to see it is on a Harley-Davidson!!

The Harley-Davidson family will soon be re-united in person as the world slowly returns to normal, and when it does, your Harley will be ready to go if you pass the time social distancing and taking care of it!

“Riding along side of my husband and friends is something I love most about being a biker. We have biker friends that we sometimes only see while we’re riding in the summer because this is how we met them and it’s what we have in common. Riding brings us together again, and I love that – I love our biker community family!” Kelly said.

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