Porter Township Schools Update: Talk, They Hear You

porter-township-schools-logoLast week I learned about an app that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has developed to help parents practice how to have a conversation about substance abuse with their kids.

I serve on the steering committee for Empower Porter County's Around the Table Program. At a meeting last week I learned about this app and the help it can be in role-playing scenarios that may arise with your kids. Research has shown that parents are the main reason kids decide not to drink, and that these discussion should start early (around 9 years old). Research has also shown that kids who drink alcohol are more likely to use drugs, struggle with grades, and engage in risky behaviors. Sounds like a great reason to have conversations with your kids often about this topic, and help them know where you stand on the issue.

You can find information about this app on the SAMHSA website. Find more about the free "Talk, They Hear You." app and learn more about how to download it to your device. This is a great tool!

I've attached the trifold brochure from Around the Table (Empower Porter County) that provides some additional information.