Porter Regional Hospital: Get the Most out of Your Insurance

Porter-Regional-Hospital-Get-The-Most-out-of-Your-InsuranceGetting the right screenings at the right time can help prevent many illnesses and catch others early when they’re most treatable.

Did you know most insurance plans now cover many preventive screenings and services such as vaccinations that can help you stay healthy? And the best news is, they’re free*. All plans offered through the new Health Insurance Marketplace are required to cover certain preventive services at no patient cost. To view these services, click the links below:

Preventive care for adults
Preventive care for women
Preventive care for children

If you have health insurance through another source, the requirement for 100 percent coverage may not yet apply. However, most traditional plans cover preventive services, and some may include full coverage.

Talk with your doctor about what screenings you need. To find a doctor to meet your healthcare needs, call 1-800-541-1861 or visit PorterPhysicianGroup.com.