Porter Health Care System celebrates employees at recognition banquet

Porter Health Care System celebrates employees at recognition banquet

Porter Health Care System honored their employees’ tenure Wednesday evening at St. Patrick’s Church Trinity Hall. It was a night of fun for co-workers, their families, and a chance to celebrate while taking a well-deserved night off.

“An average work day is often high speed, many times without breaks,” said Sean Dardeau, CEO of Porter Health Care System. “To be able to have some down time and share a meal together is a great opportunity for us.”

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The evening comprised of dedicated workers from all Porter facilities, including the main hospital, ERs, surgery centers, and physician offices throughout the Region. For Dardeau, employees should be proud of their commitments, not only to their vocation, but to Porter Health Care System. While it is common to leave for other opportunities, the amount of medical professionals and staff that grow their career with Porter Health Care System, speaks to the family-oriented atmosphere.

“These individuals care about each other -- we are like a big family,” Dardeau said. “Porter is a large institution with 2,200 employees and we have people reaching 45 years and beyond.”

Meghan Fox celebrated her tenure award with her daughter. She started in registration 10 years ago and worked her way up to Unit Assistant at the Portage ER. She works as a unit secretary and nurse’s assistant. Initially, she was drawn to the field because of her fascination of medicine. Fox enjoys helping people and the fact that every day is different.

“It feels amazing to be recognized and I appreciate it,” Fox said. “I look forward to relaxing and seeing people who we don’t see every day.”

Susan Reese, MA at Cumberland Internal Medicine, was recognized for her commendable 45 years with Porter Health Care System. Reese started her career in pediatrics, moved to a family practice office, and settled in internal medicine.

“I never dreamed I’d do it this long, but I love the patients, especially helping the elderly,” Reese said.

After dinner, the program incorporated fun facts of what life was like when the employees onboarded with Porter. When Reese started, The Rubix Cube was invented, Yankee Candle was born, and The Great Gatsby was a popular movie. Employees were honored in five year increments, starting with five years and extending all the way to 45 years of service. Those in attendance stood proudly with their tenure groups, and received applause, whoops, and even noise makers to mark their accomplishments.

Porter Health Care System would like to name those dedicated individuals who have over 30 years of commitment.

30 years of service: Dawn M. Aumiller, Tamara D. Barnes, Kelly A. Hurni, Lisa A. Jaskulski, Judith A. Knapp, Ronald L. Kuehl, Susan L. Mindel, Kimberly K. Pflughaupt, Jerry W. Scott, Kimberly A. Sobieski, Bradley G. Wandrey

35 years of service: Patricia A. Armstrong, Holly A. Frahm, Sarah R. Grcich, Elizabeth M. Karas, Barbara J. Keifer, Toni A. Venekamp

40 years of service: Debra Carter, Julie A. Davis, Eileen Kapalko, Mary L. Massner, Donna D. Nicewinter, Anita Rosenfeld, Cathie Rowe, Annette Williams

45 years of service: Kathy J. Gengo, Susan M. Reese