Porter Health Care System Announces 2018 Associates of the Year

Porter Health Care System has announced its 2018 Associates of the Year, honoring individuals who have been nominated both by patients and their peers for providing excellent, compassionate care and service to the community. The winners are as follows:

Terrance Tooks, Financial Counselor – Associate of the Year One thing is absolute about Terrance: He keeps the patient at the center of everything he does. Tooks was chosen for being a strong advocate for patients in time of need, and for developing meaningful relationships with professionals at the central billing office so he can effectively assist patients locally with their billing questions. The associates who nominated Terrance recognized him for his kindness and empathy both toward patients and his coworkers. “Today, I overheard his dialogue with a patient. Before she left, Terrance asked if he could pray with her. He came around the desk, prayed with the lady, and gave her a hug. Terrance is an awesome example of empathy that we all should have,” said an associate on the nomination form.

Jayna Lasky, Regulatory Director – Non-Clinical Manager of the Year Thanks to Lasky, Porter Health Care System is on point with regulatory requirements of organizations such as The Joint Commission and other agencies, enabling the health system to provide high-quality patient care. Lasky was recognized by her coworkers for having exceptional attention to detail, and the patience and commitment to helping associates understand the importance of meeting regulatory measures. “Jayna is the go-to person for anything Plant-Ops. She has the best approach to motiving individuals around the importance of regulatory standards, and never misses a beat. Her documentation is perfect, and she is known for building a team approach to remaining compliant at all times,” read her nomination form.

Craig Locke, Director of Pharmacy – Clinical Manager of the Year Being a director of pharmacy for a health system bears a tremendous amount of responsibility, and Locke was selected for carrying that cargo well. Described as a calm, dedicated leader who exemplifies sound pharmaceutical management practices, Locke was recognized for his work on the multidisciplinary team that helped improve infection rates, and has been commended on regulatory surveys. He’s a people person, too. “Craig is a confident, inspiring leader who makes his department feel that anything is possible. I am always impressed by his intelligence, and how he can isolate the gaps in processes to eliminate undesirable outcomes,” read his nomination form.