#1StudentNWI: Porter County Career Center students look forward to future as school year ends

#1StudentNWI: Porter County Career Center students look forward to future as school year ends

What's happened:

On May 7, the Porter County Career Center hosted a blood drive with American Red Cross. Over 30 students donated blood in both the morning and afternoon classes. During the blood drive, there was also a health fair put on by the health science classes. The educational events included learning about vital signs, CPR, how to put on and take off gloves, the technique for proper handwashing, and the details of a healthy diet. 

While the health fair was going on, the video production class hosted its last episode of Porter County TV (PCTV) News for the 2020-21 school year. This episode was full of new entertainment news with Ty Weimer and Tyler Cox as the talent, Kyle Lukes covering sports, and Maya Vickrey covering weather. PCTV News will reboot at the start of the next school year. 

With only a few days left of school, many students wrapped up their final projects and received their certifications depending on the class they took this year. Health Science II students received their certified nursing assistant (CNA) licenses, and many cosmetology students earned their licenses as well. 

On May 4, students at the Porter County Career Center were recognized for being a part of the technical honors society. Over 50 students were nominated by their teachers for their hard work and dedication to their classes. You can find pictures of the technical honors students on the PCTV YouTube channel

Over at the construction class, students completed their project of building a shed. Classmates worked together to create a wooden shed to sell online to earn some funds towards next year. This was a collaborative effort put on by the class as a final project. 

Coming up:

As the year comes to a close, the choice has already been made for many upcoming juniors and seniors in Porter County regarding which class they will participate in next year. 

The computer, animation, and design (CAD) and video production classes recently finished their final projects. CAD students created different animations and the video production class created either a short film, a music video, or an in-depth feature story. These final projects will be streamed on the PCTV YouTube channel next Monday.

Staring at 7 p.m. on May 28, the students from the video and media productions class will be live broadcasting the 2021 graduation ceremony on the PCTV YouTube channel.

The last day of vocational at the Porter County Career and Technical Center is Thursday, May 27. To end the year, many career center classes will have an end of the year party to celebrate the many lessons the students have learned and achieved throughout the school year.

Classroom highlight:

The electronics class is a hands-on program that teaches students many things about the electronic field of work. Students complete many projects throughout the program and learn about the basic properties of electronics by setting-up and executing circuits.

This class has also taught many students how to problem solve and work together as a team to complete a task. This class has overall prepared students to find a career in the electronics field because they have learned all the basic principles of becoming electronic engineers. 

Student Highlight: 

After Devan Christy graduates, she wants to become a women's health nurse practitioner. Her reasoning for choosing this profession is because she has always had a passion for helping women and she wants to be able to make an impact on their lives. 

“I think nowadays women struggle more than ever, and I want to be a part of the change to turn that around,” said Christy.

Christy looks forward to learning more about reproductive health, including the process of pregnancy and being able to share that journey with a future mom.

Christy took the Health Science I class because she wanted to be able to learn all the information that is taught in a hands-on way. Teacher Lorna Marcus is very interactive with the class, and this is what made it possible for Christy to have such a great educational experience. By taking this class, Christy received many certifications and had the opportunity to job shadow many different health care providers. 

Christy said she learned many lessons in Health Science I, but the biggest lesson she learned is the amount of hard work it takes to become a health care provider.

“It’s made me appreciate all the aspects of healthcare and makes you a more sympathetic person,” said Christy.

Christy’s favorite part about taking Health Science I this year was being able to share a room with people who are driven to help others just as much as she is.

“We're all so passionate for the same goals, and it's amazing to see how big of a change we’ll partake in one day.”