Portage Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Their Sold Out 34th Annual Spring Swing Golf Outing

Portage Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Their Sold Out 34th Annual Spring Swing Golf Outing

On June 16th, the Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce teed off on their 34th Annual Spring Swing Golf Outing on a beautiful overcast day, keeping the players cool for a day of golf. In recent years, they have moved the event to Robbinhurst Golf Course.

“We’ve recently started doing the golf outing at Robbinhurst. They have recently expanded, and we wanted to do it more locally,” explained Nancy Simpson, the Executive Director of the Portage Chamber of Commerce.

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The outing is a chance for the local businesses in Portage to get together for networking and promotion. Businesses had the option to support the event by being a Diamond in the Rough Sponsor, Golden Putter Sponsor or just a regular hole sponsor. The sponsors displayed banners, signs at the hole, and could set up a table at the hole to promote their business.

“We have more holes being staffed by businesses than ever before. It’s a great networking tool for businesses and their staff,” said Simpson. “We’ve had a great turn out. Robinhurst can accommodate 120 people, and yesterday we ended up selling out. We have a sold out crowd, exactly 120 people!”

Though Simpson had a big role in planning the event, she explained how the Golf Committee helped get the word out about what a great event this is each year.

“The committee is made up of people who want to volunteer and help with this event. This takes a group of five to ten people to organize this event every year,” said Simpson.

James Hazzard of Samuelson Insurance and President of the Board of Directors for the Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce was enjoying the day on the course. He mentioned how this event is a great way for the committee to promote their members and local businesses.

“We consider Robinhurst the 'Portage Golf Course'. This is the biggest golf outing we’ve ever had,” said Hazzard. “It is a great networking opportunity for everybody to get together, meet other chamber members and just have a good time, a time to let your hair down.”

Not only did the players get to spend a beautiful day playing golf, but local businesses also donated three square meals throughout the day. Simpson said, “The dinner this year is being cooked by Clancy’s Public House, and the lunch is being sponsored by NLMK Indiana. Breakfast was provided by Family Express.”

“I think this is a great opportunity for the business owners to get together and have a good day,” said Mike Sarver, Assistant Vice President at Horizon Bank, who has been coming out to this event for the last 25 years. “This event builds camaraderie, and it really just gets people to come out and get the opportunity to talk.”

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