Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ hiring for facilities services, generalist

Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ hiring for facilities services, generalist

Type: Full-time

Location: 9601 Union Rd, Plymouth, IN 46563

Job Description

Job Summary: Provide general maintenance support to facility that is to include but not limited to: maintain and/or repair components, related equipment, other facility related systems.

Maintain, inspect, troubleshoot, repair, operate and test: power circuits, carpentry, wall finishes and painting as needed throughout The Center at Donaldson

Use sound judgment, to avoid making mistakes that could cause injury or death or result in great damage to the physical plant or to the community.

Provide quality service within the responsibilities of position in a friendly and hospitable manner.

Follow all safety procedures and maintain a clean, safe working environment.

Collect and send monthly bacteriological samples of drinking water to the lab as assigned.

Collaborate and communicate information related to proper mechanical operations with manager

Keep all equipment used in good operating condition, reporting any problems related to said equipment to manager.

Interact positively with co-workers to promote a team environment.

Ensure proper operation and maintenance of all power, hand and woodworking tools.

Provide 24-hr “on-call” services when needed and as assigned.

Maintain full charge of batteries for walkie-talkie at all times and full charge for the on-call cell phone during rotation.

Responsibilities include communication and documentation maintained on all equipment maintenance logs and tags, blueprints, and state and federal forms as well as updating any service files with current bulletins from manufacturers.

While working closely with the Manager of the FS department and the FS Clerical Assistant, ensure the preventative maintenance program meets quality performance measures.

Perform daily work orders, maintenance, move furniture, delivery, courier, perform set-ups, and other tasks as assigned by manager.

Demonstrate independent judgment and decision making in determining what action is required to make any approved repairs.


Prior Education and Training: High School education or equivalent preferred.

Proven work experience and / or ability to detect and repair problems as well as install equipment and to use tools properly.

Certified or accredited when applicable

Prior Work Experience / Skills Required: Experience in working with a variety of maintenance responsibilities.

Common sense and familiarity with mechanical equipment such as pumps and motors.

Ability to push wheeled cart of approximately 50 pounds for a short distance.

Knowledge of chemical procedures. Minimum 2 years related work experience preferred.

On the Job Training / Orientation required: Completion of new Co-Worker orientation.

On the job training of 6 months to or longer may be required. 1 – 3 months familiarity with equipment and procedures.

Environmental Conditions: Works in areas with extreme temperatures within the facility as well as air-conditioned areas. Work requires mental attention to proper functioning and maintenance of all equipment in power plant and its auxiliary systems Work may require physical exertion. Work schedule may occasionally include irregular hours, weekends and holidays. May be exposed to injuries from burns, falls, chemicals, asbestos, high-pressure steam, toxic gases, and high voltage. Able to climb. Lift a minimum of 50 pounds for a short distance. Ability to push wheeled cart with possible excessive weight. Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aides:

Work will involve boilers, chillers, pumps, heat pumps, variable frequency drives. Work may involve, but not be limited to, the following: Works with hand tools, power tools, paint brushes electrical testing meters, welding torch, paint sprayer, testing meters, power sewer cleaner, refrigeration gauges, air handling units, filters, and various cleaning solutions, exposed to high voltage and other electrical hazards.


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