PNW Athletics Recognizes Student-Athletes at Dean’s List Breakfast

PNW-Athletics-Recognizes-Student-Athletes-at-Deans-List-Breakfast Celebrating the academic achievements of many of its student-athletes who made the Dean’s List during the 2017-18 academic year, Purdue Northwest Athletics held its annual Dean’s List Breakfast at Lost Marsh Golf Course. The student-athletes were joined by the deans of the various colleges that make up PNW as well as staff from the Pride Athletics Department. In all, a department record 65 student-athletes earned Dean’s List distinction for 2017-18.

“All of our student-athletes being recognized at the Dean’s List Breakfast are great examples of what it means to be a student-athlete,” said Jen Madgiak, Purdue Northwest’s Associate Athletics Director for Academic Services and Senior Women’s Administrator. “On top of being a full-time student, our student-athletes go through hours of training and practicing as well as spending time to give back to our communities.”

Senior’s Tessa Steffens (Litchfield, Ill./Litchfield) and Mortiz Gisy (Duesseldorf, Germany/International School on the Rhine) each gave speeches describing their experience as a student-athlete.

Steffens talked about her time over the past four years as a student-athlete at what she learned over that time:

“As student-athletes we all had to learn time management and how to sacrifice something fun to get our assignments turned in. We had to get used to waking up early, staying up late or doing work on the bus to tackle our academics. In the moment, it is not always what we want to do, but in the end, it is what’s most important.”

Gisy also echoed the importance of academics and time management while discussing the relationships he has made since coming to PNW:

“I have been fortunate to meet some very special people in my time here and I have learned to appreciate more the value of the relationships with these people and closely watch those around me.”

Here is a list of the Purdue Northwest student-athletes who were recognized sorted by the College they represented:

College of Technology: Lanie Allen – Women’s Basketball and Kyle Schaaf - Baseball

College of Nursing: Jade Doyle - Baseball, Kristin Straley – Women’s Soccer, Kylie Tincher - Volleyball and Tayler Vauters – Women’s Basketball

College of Engineering and Science: Zoee Anderson – Softball, Lauren Bailey – Women’s Golf, Candace Chandler – Women’s Golf, Shayna Coy – Women’s Soccer, Leo Govert – Men’s Golf, Brandon Haczynski – Baseball, Dylan Henson – Baseball, Kaleb Howard – Men’s Basketball, Rachel Inglese – Women’s Soccer, Andres Jara – Men’s Cross Country, Jessica Kiser – Women’s Basketball, Christiana Kotas – Women’s Soccer, Tiffani Kotas – Women’s Soccer, Samantha Miller – Softball, Breanna Pardus – Women’s Soccer, Mark Peters – Men’s Cross Country, Kelley Sharp – Women’s Soccer, Darian Smith – Women’s Golf, Stephanie Sotiropoulos – Women’s Soccer, Phillipp Tolxdorf – Men’s Soccer, Sydney Valiska – Women’s Golf

College of Business: Alex Batistatos – Baseball, Caden Bell – Baseball, Abigail Bondi – Women’s Cross Country, Chloe Conaway – Women’s Tennis, Brooke Foltz – Women’s Tennis, Moritz Gisy – Men’s Tennis, Bayley Goodman – Women’s Basketball, Michael Goodman – Men’s Golf, Felix Guenzel – Men’s Soccer, Kaylee Hardy –Women’s Basketball, Jonny Harkin – Men’s Soccer, Shyla Huppenthal – Women’s Cross Country, Libby Huston – Women’s Golf, Leon Kah – Men’s Tennis, Dru Kennedy – Men’s Tennis, Michaela Kikendall – Women’s Basketball, Austin Kordik – Baseball, Chase Picken – Men’s Golf, Pia Schmedding – Women’s Tennis, Tessa Steffens – Softball, Brooke Switzer – Women’s Soccer, Grant Ugarte – Men’s Soccer, Lena Van Bergen – Women’s Tennis, Lukas Vilkovsky – Men’s Basketball, Anna Wachowski – Women’s Tennis, Justin Walter - Baseball

College of Humanities, Education & Social Sciences: Lucie Ashmore - Women’s Soccer, Courtney Blackwell – Softball, Auburn Dodd – Volleyball, Jesus Holguin – Men’s Soccer, Kalyn Learnard – Softball, Alexis Madrigal – Softball, Gabrielle Martin – Volleyball, Ellie Michalski – Women’s Basketball, Danielle Nennig – Women’s Basketball, Jacob Nietfeldt – Men’s Golf, Shae Rhonehouse – Women’s Basketball, Mia Stevens – Softball