PNC Students Enjoy Riding the Transit Triangle Bus

TransitTriLogoPurdue University North Central students are taking advantage of the new Transit Triangle bus service that provides convenient commuter transportation between LaPorte, Michigan City and PNC.

The buses started rolling on Feb. 3 and students who ride the bus are happy to have a handy option to get to and from campus for classes and activities.

Student Renee Scherer, a Business major from LaPorte, said that she rides the bus so that the family car can be available for other family members who may need it during the day.

“I wanted to try it,” she said. “The bus itself is nice. The seats are comfortable so you can relax for the ride. The driver is very friendly. It’s great to be able to sit back and let someone else drive and contend with traffic.”

Scherer noted that she particularly appreciates the ride to campus during inclement weather. “There’s no stress,” she said.

Her time on the bus is spent studying and enjoying a cup of coffee. “I have my hands free so my mind is clear to think about things other than driving. It’s a great option.”

Anthony Catchings, of Michigan City, turned to the Transit Triangle when his car broke down and he needed reliable transportation to and from PNC.

“It was a good option it saved me from being late and provided my transportation during the period in when my car was not in any type of driving shape,” said Catchings, a Social Work major.

“I like the bus service; the people are friendly and the drive is quick. I like how someone can just ride the bus to get to school from different towns. If someone doesn’t have a car or doesn’t want to drive, I would highly recommend they try the transit bus. If someone needs transportation or does not wish to spend a lot of money on gas they should consider riding the transit bus.”

Darlene Ramirez, a Nursing major from LaPorte, said that she rides the bus “because it is a dependable and affordable form of transportation. It gives me the opportunity to see fellow students who live in the area and meet other PNC students It is very convenient. I would recommend the transit bus to all students. It makes it possible for struggling students to be able to make it to school and further their education.”

Purdue North Central Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin noted that having the Transit Triangle transportation makes PNC and higher education more accessible to current and prospective students who do not have access to private transportation.

“We anticipate that ridership will grow over time as students, faculty, staff and campus visitors become more familiar with the service and come to rely on it for their daily transportation,” said Dworkin.

Bus passes will be available for purchase starting March 1. For purchase information, a full transportation schedule and other current information, visit the Transit Triangle website, This website can also be accessed through the MC Transit website at and the La Porte TransPorte website at