Plumbing, electric, and heating are the trades that complete a Sublime Homes dream

Plumbing, electric, and heating are the trades that complete a Sublime Homes dream

Sublime Homes is in the business of turning dreams into reality. Imagine your ideal home, perhaps your mind jumps to the beautiful exterior with brick walls and an immaculate lawn. Maybe you picture the interior, envisioning your perfect kitchen or entertainment center. There’s one important phase of building your dream home that is necessary to make all those visions a reality: the rough trades.

The rough trades are where everything that fills those visions is made possible, where the walls are filled with plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and smart home technology that makes everything run. It is one of the longest, most complex phases of any Sublime Homes build, but it is also one where their client's input is most essential.

“Early on, before we even start development, we run through all of these categories with our clients,” said Michael Graniczny, CEO of Sublime Homes. “We give them all the options because we want to build people’s dream homes. We don’t hold anything back. If they want to make a bathroom larger, or add an extra shower, we’ll do it for them as long we’re at an early enough time in the build.”

Before the phase even begins, Sublime Homes invites clients out to the home to see the work in progress and to get any new input on potential additions or changes they might want to make.

“A lot of our clients are surprised when we invite them out to the job site, but once they hear that, it gives them a big sense of comfort,” Graniczny said. “During the pre-development phase, it can feel like they need to make big decisions based on seeing the designs on a piece of paper. It helps them visualize the final product and allows us to pick their brains to see if there’s anything else they might want to add to their home.”

All the inner workings of a home are established during this phase of construction. From major aspects like future locations for bathtubs, sinks, and furnaces, to details like where power outlets and light switches should go. But the importance of this phase stretches beyond where you might want to put your TV. High-quality wiring and plumbing are fundamental to preventing incidents years down the line.

“Without proper plumbing, you could have a water leak in your walls, not notice it for six months, and that could cause serious damage,” Graniczny said. “This phase doesn’t look as exciting as putting the frame up or pouring the foundation, but it’s one of our top priorities to get these details right.”

With so many different trades involved, there is a lot of room for the process to slow down as the tradespeople work around each other. Sublime Homes avoids this by partnering with a team of expert contractors that excel at working in tandem to meet the client’s specifics – without cutting any corners.

“Quality is the number one thing we look for with our contractors,” Graniczny said. “The team we have now all gels so well and understands the Sublime process. They all work together, pre-plan to make sure they’re all on the same page and are never in each other’s way.”

Sublime also takes extra steps to ensure the long-term stability and safety of a home’s electrical system and residents by using conduit piping to cover the wiring.

“If you’re working on your home and put a nail where the wire would be, you’re not going to splice the wire and get hurt or electrocuted,” Graniczny said. “It’s not something all builders do, but for us it just makes sense.”

They also take extra care to ensure their customers understand every option available to them, including the increasingly advanced smart home technologies. Sublime offers all kinds of smart solutions and always has their expert contractor on-hand.

“One thing that makes us unique is that whether you want complex smart home options or not, we have that expert on-hand to do even the simpler work like setting up your TV jacks or internet ports,” Graniczny said. “Even if the customer doesn’t want additional upgrades, we still use their expertise in the house.”

For the clients that do seek the more advanced options, Sublime Homes has everything from voice-controlled lights and thermostats, to full sound systems embedded within the walls.

“We have a full menu of smart home options available,” Graniczny said. “If a client shows interest, we set-up a one-on-one meeting between them and our smart home contractor who can walk them through all the technology.”

Before the insulation is inserted and the walls are sealed, Sublime Homes takes a photo of the inside of each wall. They share these images with their clients so that they can always have a record of where all the wires and plumbing are located just in case they want to do any work on their home in the future.

“When I was doing remodeling on my own home, which wasn’t built by Sublime, we sprung a leak after our toilet paper holder was drilled into some plumbing,” said Amy Alexander, Sales and Marketing Director for Sublime Homes. “Let me tell you, those photos would’ve been really helpful to have, even for something as simple as knowing where to place your bathroom fixtures! We get comments years later from owners telling us they still use those photos for situations just like that.”

The rough trades may not be the most glamorous aspect of home building, but they are essential to fulfilling homeowners' dreams.

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