Pierogi Festival: From the Eyes of a First-Timer

Pierogi Festival: From the Eyes of a First-Timer

Perogi Fest, where have you been all my life? I have lived in NWI for 20 years and this year was my first time attending the Pierogi Festival of Whiting, IN. I had been living under a rock this whole time, I know. I guess I just never got around to it. Fortunately, I decided to go this year.

Pierogi-Festival-From-the-Eyes-of-a-First-Timer-2016_06It all started when a school bus came to give us a lift from the parking lot to 119th st where the festival was being held. It was a nostalgic ride to say the least. I had not been on an actual school bus in years! It reminded me of the field trips in elementary and middle school. As the bus pulled up to 119th and Indianapolis Blvd., my excitement grew exponentially. I couldn’t wait to be there - I was hungry! Then, as I got off the bus, there it was, “Experience Whiting.”

I was appreciating the aesthetic of Whiting, IN when I was quickly consumed by the music and energy that I heard coming from the festivities. It was the sound of life! There were conversations, laughter, singing and joy. The music took over me and I started to move my shoulders to the beat. The sounds of guitar and drums resonated and created the perfect ambiance. The smell of cheeseburgers, steak, popcorn, pierogis and barbecue made my mouth water. I didn’t know where to begin.

Pierogi-Festival-From-the-Eyes-of-a-First-Timer-2016_03The Pierogi Fest. was the place to be! There were venders selling their crafts. Which, as a shopaholic, I naturally gravitated to. People danced like they had no care in the world. Dieters cheated and ate whatever their hearts and tummies desired. No one was worried about work the next day or the deadlines they had to meet. I saw adults with their face painted and taking selfies with friends and family. This was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Pierogi-Festival-From-the-Eyes-of-a-First-Timer-2016_04I had never had a pierogi before. I was on a mission to try one before the festival ended for the day. I ended up trying meat and potato pierogis-boiled and deep fried. I couldn’t decide which ones were better. I also ate a chocolate covered strawberry and a chocolate ice cream cone with sprinkles. To quench my thirst, I had a delicious pina colada. I too, had ditched my diet for the day and I regretted nothing.

Pierogi-Festival-From-the-Eyes-of-a-First-Timer-2016_05The Pierogi Festival was great! If you attended this year, or have in the past you know what I mean. If you have never attended, you are missing out. Not only does the Pierogi Festival have great food, fun and entertainment, you don’t have to drive far to get there! Whiting, IN does a great job hosting the Pierogi Festival year after year. This may have only been my first year attending, but it won’t be my last. I will definitely go back next year. Until then, I’ll have to learn to cook my own pierogis.