Pierogi Fest Takes A Stand of Sorts!

Pierogi Fest Takes A Stand of Sorts!

Pierogi Fest that wacky, goofy, off the wall festival that everyone looks forward to and held Friday July 29th (11AM to 11PM), Saturday July 30th (11 AM to 11 PM) and Sunday July 31st (11AM to 5PM because the chairman gets tired and wants to go home) in Downtown Whiting, Indiana is taking a stand, well… depending on the person, it might be sitting down.

Either way, it is the only festival in the Chicago area that offers flush toilets to festival attendees. Traditionally, the festival has dedicated its bathroom trailers to the British monarch. However, this year, it has found another leader to insult, hereby announcing that it will refer to its bathrooms as Putin Stations. That’s right in addition to more than 70 food booths, 3 beer gardens, 40 arts and crafts and tchotchke vendors, 6 stages with more than 50 acts, including Six String Soldiers and Allie Sealey, the festival is truly interactive by giving “goers” a chance to put in to these stations what they have consumed.

Pierogi Fest, where you can have so much fun, the world’s problems can get flushed away!

Pierogi Fest, one the Chicago area’s largest events and organized entirely by volunteers, has earned a number of accolades including:

  • Readers Digest: One of America’s 50 best festivals
  • MSN Eat This not That- One of the 50 best food festivals in the US
  • TripAdvisor- One of the 10 wackiest festivals on the planet
  • One of the 25 best food festivals in North America by Saveur Magazine
  • Pierogi Fest was the subject of a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal in 2015
  • Named by Oprah Winfrey for five years straight as one of her favorite things to do
  • Named for 19 consecutive years as the Times of Northwest Indiana's Best Festival
  • A Blue-Ribbon Festival of Summer in 2013 by Yahoo.com
  • The Heritage Award from the Polish National Congress
  • Featured on The Food Channel, Travel Channel, Pawn Stars Chicago Wild Chicago, Access Indiana, CNN, and television stations in Germany Slovakia, Poland, China and Australia
  • Best of Indy Honorable Mention as best local festival even though the festival is held 165 miles from Indianapolis
  • Featured on the nationally syndicated television shows: Wild Travels and Small Town, Big Deal
  • It has been consistently cited as the most popular festival amongst extra-terrestrials when they are not buzzing US Navy fighter jets

For more information, please contact the Whiting Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce at 219 659-0292.