Peter Dittoe looks to make a difference in the world at Hartman Global IP Law

Peter Dittoe looks to make a difference in the world at Hartman Global IP Law

Hartman Global IP Law works to protect the intellectual property of hundreds of businesses around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to hometown startups. Their clients depend on them being on the ball 100% of the time. Since Peter Dittoe was brought onto the team last November as administrative assistant, he has played a key role in helping that happen.

Dittoe spent his entire adult life – the last 20 years – working for the law in some capacity. He is a Region native who grew up in Merrillville before joining the military. In the service, he started out in law enforcement before moving on to assist with civil law.

“I wanted to make a difference, that’s why I was doing law enforcement for the military,” Dittoe said. “Not just any kind of difference, but a positive kind.”

When he heard about an opening at Hartman Global, Dittoe jumped at the chance to learn more about IP law and all of its many ins and outs.

“I realized it was a big branch of law before, but actually seeing the depth of everything going on was so exciting,” Dittoe said. “It’s complex and there’s a lot to learn, so I was excited to get into that process. When I finished my interview for the position, I walked out just thinking about how much I wanted it to work out; I wanted this job so bad.”

A few months in, his list of responsibilities was already wide: keeping files ready and in order, keeping schedules up to date, helping the attorneys prepare for their meetings, and more.

One difference he noticed immediately and continues to appreciate is the vastly different culture at Hartman Global compared to his previous government job. There, things were often impersonal by necessity. At Hartman Global, the team makes sure everyone is treated as an individual – from the clients to the team members.

“Here, you really feel like you’re part of a family, everybody helps everybody else out and we take that approach with the clients as well,” Dittoe said. “It’s not, ‘this is Client A,’ it’s, ‘this is John Smith and here’s what he’s all about.’ It’s about treating everyone as a person.”

So far, one of Dittoe’s favorite parts of the job is just how diverse the work is. Hartman Global represents clients in a dramatic array of industries: biomedicine, nanotechnology, metallurgy, software development, space-flight systems, and automotive components in countries across the planet.

“There’s so much range and diversity, even when you’re doing paperwork,” Dittoe said. “Here, you could be sending emails to England, China, and other countries all over the world before lunch. It’s really worldwide; the word global definitely isn’t in the name just because it’s catchy.”

As Dittoe continues to settle in, there is one thing he continues to prioritize every day: learning.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to learn about IP law,” Dittoe said. “Right now, I’m barely scratching the surface even as I keep digging deeper. With the more I’m learning, I just keep getting more excited about it.”

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