Partners of Life: Best of Service Businesses

Partners of Life: Best of Service Businesses
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: November 14, 2017

The people behind the service industry in Northwest Indiana are working hard every day to make sure their customers have everything they need for any occasion. Whether it be work, life necessities or leisure, they are committed to providing quality service and keeping those customers satisfied along the way. This alone would be sufficient to want to tell the stories of these varied companies that make up the diversity of Indiana business life, but they do much more than this as well. When they aren’t helping seal your deck, fix your WIFI network, install a garage door or redo your bathroom, many of these companies are involved in making the community a better place to live and work by giving back the community and the customers they serve! Take a look at some of the best articles and videos we’ve made, which display the hard work and dedication the service businesses of the Region put in to make sure the job gets done!

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_02AMA Design & Print: Your One Stop Shop for Your Next Marketing Campaign
When we need something printed, we are fortunate to have AMA Design & Print to count on for a high-quality product delivered with a quick turnaround. We are also fortunate to have an in-house graphic designer who can take the concepts from our heads and deliver them in the design. Many small businesses and companies don’t have this luxury and when creating marketing Copy for their next campaign and are forced with a choice of having to create the design themselves, or outsource to a graphic designer or firm that will often add to their already thin budget. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you go with AMA, where design & print is in the name. They can take your idea, design it to your wishes and deliver it in print all in a one-stop-shop manner.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_03B&G Sealcoating and Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. Offers Higher Quality Service Over the "Door Knockers"
It’s that time again, and with all this beautiful weather we’ve been having, home and business owners everywhere are setting up to do some property maintenance and preservation on their driveways and parking lots. Asphalt can be very expensive to replace, which makes proper maintenance an important role in extending the life of your driveway or parking lot. B&G Sealcoating and Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. in Valparaiso invites you to call on them for your driveway and/or parking lot repairs and upkeep. B&G offers a regular maintenance program that recommends seal coating every other year, two years at the most, depending on the condition of your driveway.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_04Buchertech's Dean Brummet Uses IT Skills to Help Others
Buchertech is a company that has been serving the Northwest Indiana community from its office in Valparaiso for nearly 17 years now, providing businesses large and small with solutions for their technology needs. For companies that don’t have their own IT staff, Buchertech steps up to handle any IT services they might need, which is why one of their slogans is “We’re Your Computer Department.” When it comes to fulfilling their mission of treating customers the way they would like to be treated, Buchertech’s employees are on the front lines of maintaining those standards.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_05Have Water Heater Woes? Hines Plumbing Has Solutions!
If you’re a homeowner, you know the frustrations that can accrue from an improperly maintained water heater and how painful those issues can be on the wallet and your home life in general when something really goes wrong. The best way to avoid catastrophic failures in your water heater is to stay connected with what experts in the field are saying about proper maintenance; that’s where Hines Plumbing comes in. When it comes to expertise on maintaining a water heater, Hines has many years of collective expertise in the field and have seen it all.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_07Terry's Discount Windows & More Creates Community Connection through Valparaiso University Men's Basketball Support
Few things unite a community as much as college sports. From action on the gridiron at Brown Field to tipoffs in the ARC, Valparaiso University’s Crusaders always get the hometown crowds going. And with the start of another incredible season just around the corner for VU Basketball, the crew at Terry’s Discount Windows is getting fired up for another year of support. Three years ago, Terry’s made the easy decision to partner with VU Basketball as a sponsor. Owners Terry and Julie Keelen see the sponsorship as more than just a way to get their name out, but as a way to give back to the community and make people’s lives a bit more fun.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_08For Events Big or Small, Johnny On the Spot’s Got Your Sanitation Needs Covered
If you’re planning a festival or an event of any size, Johnny On the Spot is the perfect company to furnish your event with clean and serviceable portable toilets. Serving the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area for over 25 years, this locally owned and operated business provides restrooms for construction sites, community parks, outdoor events, and special occasions of all kinds. Whenever you need affordable, convenient, and sanitary portable toilets, put your trust in these friendly experts.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_09Bartholomew Funeral Home, A Family in Your Time of Need
Michael Newhard, who runs Bartholomew Funeral Home here in Valparaiso, is no stranger to the potential tragedies of life, and has been on that side of the fence himself with his sister and, more recently, his father. Still, he finds it important to concentrate on what he can do in those moments of purest heartbreak to make the lives of those who come through his doors a little easier.

Steve Daly Of Perma-Green Discusses Perma-Green's Keys to Success
As part of our Caring for the Life of Your Home Series, Steve Daly of Perma-Green shares Perma-Green's keys to success. In this video, Steve Daly discusses how they keep customers satisfied and coming back. Daly believes that this lies in not giving false expectations, having knowledgeable staff, and working to the best of his ability to answer questions and get the job done.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_10How Master Tech Helped Keep the GOOD News the Only Buzz at Camp LIFE
The move to Camp LIFE was a promise of a new adventure and a workstyle that matched a lifestyle: free, open, and collaborative. Much like taking on the great outdoors with a group of friends where working together to build a fire, or conquer a trail, brings everyone closer. What the LIFE crew wasn’t totally prepared for was the actual forces of nature and camping to immerse itself into our metaphorical campground. And that’s where Master Tech Pest Control entered our LIFE story, coming in on a moment’s notice to take care of the problem and ensure the only buzz coming from Camp LIFE was from the GOOD news spreading around town.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_11For Over 50 Years, Erwin's Marine Has Been On Top of the Business of Family Fun
For decades, Erwin’s Marine has been the go-to place for boating enthusiasts all around Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area. With summer fast approaching, what better way to spend your summertime than with a new boat for relaxation, recreation and fun for the whole family. Located on Lincolnway Avenue, Erwin’s Marine was founded in 1959 and for over fifty years has built a reputation for great service and products for boaters all around the region.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_12Matt Naillieux of Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana Looks Back on 45 Years in the Business
Matt Naillieux was born in Valparaiso in 1956 and has been working for Overhead Door doing service and install for a large portion of his life. This dedication to the job didn’t start with him, as his father started working for the company the year Naillieux was born. At that point, the Merrillville distributorship was located in Portage.

James Moore (One Guy With Tools) Shares What He looks for in Other Companies
As part of our Caring for the Life of Your Home Series, James from One Guy With Tools shares the traits he looks for in other home improvement companies. Part of this is making sure that they are as clean and professional as One Guy With Tools is, and are responsive to any issues that may arise on the job site.

Partners-of-Life-Best-of-Service-Business-2017_13The Mop Squad Cleans Up with a New Website
The Mop Squad, located in Valparaiso, Indiana, has been committed to cleaning homes since 2007. To celebrate their ten year anniversary as a locally owned company, they have decided to launch their brand new website! While they are known for their superior customer service, and friendly employees, their new website is making it even easier to work with them. Now you can request a quote for your home or small office, apply for employment, view a detailed list of services, and check out what other clients have to say about them... all in one place!

TimberSeal Presents: Steps to Restore Your Deck
Greg Rentschler, TimberSeal President and Founder, walks you through the steps to restore your deck. He walks viewers through a restoration on a deck in Crown Point and how they move, step by step, through the process to get the job done properly. Viewers will see how they strip, seal and finish a deck with professional and effective expertise as Rentschler walks them through the process.