Partners of Life: Best of Cities, Chambers & Economic Development

Partners of Life: Best of Cities, Chambers & Economic Development
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: November 20, 2017

There’s no doubt that the cities, chambers, and economic development commissions of Northwest Indiana host some of the most interesting and fun filled events in the state. From the summer time festivals to the winter parades, the focus on fun and positivity never fails to provide families and friends with amazing memories and fantastic opportunities.

We’re lucky enough to partner with a number of these forward thinking, fun-filled organizations and love to tell their stories. Check out some of the events hosted by the people responsible for keeping the Region moving!

Crown-Point-Oktoberfest-2017-1The City of Crown Point
Crown Point’s annual Oktoberfest has been bringing hundreds of people downtown for the past 10 years, boasting Crown Brewery, food stands, family activities, and more. This year, they switched it up and partnered with the NWI Food Truck Fest and lined the streets with a variety of options for attendees!

Hammond-Life-on-the-Streets-2017The City of Hammond
Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr. is constantly pushing for new and exciting things for the city of Hammond. Right in line with his desire to bring unique, positive attention to his city, he took us on a tour of Hammond in the first Life on the Streets video, and showcased everything from Wolf Lake Pavilion to the Lost Marsh Golf Club!

hobart-state-of-the-city-2017-1The City of Hobart
A state of the city address may not seem like the most riveting event, but Mayor Brian Snedecor was sure to make his 2017 address more of a celebration, and something worth listening to. The Chamber of Commerce, department heads, and local business owners were treated to a positive recap of the previous years events, including roundabouts, a resurgence of downtown, and the cities lowest crime rate in 20 years!

City-of-La-Porte-Host-to-Beauty-and-OpportunityThe City of La Porte
The city of La Porte, or the Hub of Awesome, is a community focused on taking advantage of their natural assets. With a number of lakes throughout their community, the Civic Auditorium, and an annual Sunflower Festival, the community is actively keeping itself vibrant and fun!

Michigan-City-2017-Patriotic-Parade-1The City of Michigan City
For almost 60 years Michigan City has been hosting their annual Patriotic Parade. Filled to the brim with pride, the event serves as a reminder and way to honor those who have sacrificed everything to provide our freedom. As a family friendly, emotional event, Mayor Meer calls it truly a Michigan City event, as it encapsulates every segment of their population.

Pierogi-Fest-2017-01The City of Whiting
Whiting just wouldn’t be the same without their annual Pierogi Fest! 2017 saw the wackiness return as 300,000 visitors took over the streets once again. With the annual parade full of Pieroguettes, The Lawnmower Brigade, and of course, Mr. Pierogi himself, the event showed everyone a great, crazy, and memorable time!

duneland-mistletoe-market-2016-1Duneland Chamber of Commerce
The Duneland Chamber of Commerce is the group responsible for the Chesterton European Market, an outdoor market aimed at selling artisan goods to the community. Each year in December, though, they host their Mistletoe Market, and make those same artisan crafts, foods, and more available for the holiday shopper!

EDCMC-Week-Coding-2017-03Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City
The Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City, Michigan City Area Schools, and several organizations partnered to celebrate Week of Code, which taught coding and technology skills to students. Seeing the value in these skills, the EDCMC is excited to add this skillset to the repertoire of their students.

Corn-Roast-2017-01Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce
The annual Corn Roast is a Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce tradition that brings together restaurants, vendors, and members of the northwest Indiana community. Hosted as a way to kick-off the summer, the event serves as a great way to get people out into their community!

Plaza 619 Ribbon 1Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce
Plaza 618 was a revamp of an old space that involved a drastic effort from the La Porte community. With a little teamwork, creativity, and a lot of positivity, they were able to turn an abandoned furniture factory into a relaxing place for families to enjoy the outdoors during summer!

LCEA-HMDTrucking-Holcomb-GroundbreakingLake County IN Economic Alliance
The LCEA and Gary, Indiana stood proudly together as Governor Eric Holcomb and representatives from HMD Trucking broke ground on an 11 acre parcel of land that will serve as their new corporate headquarters. The trucking company chose Gary for its location, affordability, and the ability to grow its business, providing not only an investment in Northwest Indiana, but a wealth of job opportunities as well.

EDCMC-ROC-1Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation
Each year the Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation teams up with the Economic Development Corporation of MIchigan City and hosts their “Circle of Investors” reception, letting investors know how their funds have been positively affecting the community. 2016 was no different as many gathered to celebrate a productive year of over 200 new jobs and over $40 million in new investments for the area!

holcomb-double-track-nwi-2017-1Regional Development Authority
The Regional Development Authority was a part of history in the first half of 2017 as Governor Holcomb game to the Region to sign House Bill 1144, permitting the South Shore Line main line double tracking and the West Lake Corridor improvement rail projects. This bill represented a large amount of teamwork from many, as well as them being the first projects of this magnitude in 100 years!

broofest-2016-1Hobart Chamber of Commerce
The Hobart Chamber of Commerce sure knows how to have a great time! In 2016 they hosted a BrOOfest, highlighting local breweries all while offering snacks and live music! With unlimited sampling, the event provided a great night for many, and gave the community a chance to find a new favorite brew.

2017-pcbn-1Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce
The Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce hosts a Community and Business Night each year focused on bringing local businesses, organizations, and community members together. With 2017 serving as the 14th year of the expo, many have come to look forward to the event!