Paladin Promotes a Meaningful Life for Those with Disabilities

Paladin Promotes a Meaningful Life for Those with Disabilities

Integrating and advocating for those in our communities with disabilities is necessary to create a thriving society. Aiding them in reaching their potential is a vital part of providing for those around us and ensuring an inclusive society. For the Michigan City and La Porte area, that’s where Paladin comes in.

Established in July of 2017, Paladin is the combined forces of Michiana Resources and Parents & Friends. They are now working together to aid people with disabilities and their families through an array of specially tailored services and programs.

From facility-based rehabilitation, to group homes and respite care, Paladin is dedicated to filling a need. Programs are designed to improve independence, confidence, and quality of life for clients, while helping them build skills that will aid them throughout their life. In addition, these programs encourage social interaction between clients, giving them more opportunities to form friendships and bond with others. With a fully wheelchair accessible respite home which allows families to take a break or even a vacation, group homes that provide 24-hour care, and participant assistive care for those who wish to live in their own homes, Paladin offers options that suit a wide array of needs.

With other programs aimed at gaining employment and the skills needed to keep that job, creating an independent living situation, or encouraging community involvement for clients, Paladin is stepping up to provide a much-needed service to the La Porte County area. With their clients reaching new heights and learning new skills, they’re successfully encouraging many to strive for a meaningful life.

Paladin’s core values include putting people first, providing visionary leadership, encouraging community participation, and always working with integrity and excellence. Their main goal: to ensure a meaningful life for those with disabilities. With such strong values leading their mission, the Paladin team is focused on providing the best care to all who cross their path. With so many essentials to be addressed, their programs are geared toward meeting the needs in the community and doing so with the same care and consideration that they’d expect for their own families.

As a nonprofit organization, Paladin depends on the generous donation of time, talent and treasure to keep all programs affordable and accessible to the community. You’re invited to learn more and join them in their mission by calling 219-874-4288 or visiting their website!