Paladin, Inc. Services 400 New Individuals with Lake County Expansion

Paladin, Inc. Services 400 New Individuals with Lake County Expansion

With its expansion into Lake County this year, Paladin, Inc. is now Northwest Indiana’s largest provider for citizens with disabilities. From facility-based rehabilitation, to group homes and respite care, Paladin is dedicated to filling a need in the area. Each of its many programs are designed to improve independence, confidence, and quality of life for clients, all while helping instill skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Joining forces with the Arc of Northwest Indiana and acquiring bases in Highland, Hobart, and Crown Point, Paladin is changing the lives of some 400 additional people who may not have been able to experience its quality care giving. Bill Trowbridge, Executive Director of Paladin, Inc., described the acquisition of these locations as crucial to Paladin’s mission of servicing those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

“This expansion is making an overwhelmingly positive change in our clients’ lives,” Trowbridge said. “With our assistance, they can reach new heights in their every day lives and learning skills that they can use beyond the walls of our facilities.”

One way the expansion is benefiting the community moving forward is in the addition of living communities and comprehensive behavioral therapy that will allow clients and their families to receive the care needed for them to live enriched lives, 24/7.

“When they consider the work we do, some people might be under the impression that we provide services akin to daycare facilities,” Trowbridge said. “While we do provide daytime educational care and rehabilitation, we also cultivate extensive community involvement opportunities, provide respite care, and foster residential services that grant our clients constant, engaging care that greatly improves their well-being every day.”

Trowbridge and his team look forward to diving into more comprehensive behavioral management programs and residential services in the Lake County area so that everyone is equipped with the skills they need to live healthy and happy lives.

Tammy Gonzalez, Director of Services for Lake County, is looking forward to working with Trowbridge and Paladin, Inc. to provide excellent resources to the community. Having worked with the Arc of Northwest Indiana, she’s happy to be joining forces with Paladin to continue serving and advocating for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Northwest Indiana.

“I’m really excited to be working with Bill again, and to work for a non-profit organization that puts the needs of the individual first,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez echoed Trowbridge’s sentiments of the advantage of developing more comprehensive programs for their clients.

“Part of the reason this expansion is so beneficial is that we’re continuing to grow offer comprehensive services, so that the individual doesn’t need to look elsewhere for the care they need,” Gonzalez said. “We’re able to provide them with everything they need to achieve personal growth and independence.”

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