Ozinga: More than Just Concrete

Ozinga: More than Just Concrete

The American Dream is something that every family strives for, the chance to start from nothing and find a place for yourself in this world. For the Ozinga family, their American Dream has been one of triumph built through hard work and determination. In 1928, Marty Ozinga Sr., who migrated to America from the Netherlands in the 1800s with his family when he was a child, left his job as a police officer and opened a coal and coke company in Evergreen Park, IL. Surviving the Depression and World War II, the Ozinga brand became synonymous with quality.

Four generations later, the Ozinga business now covers Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and South Florida. Besides growing in coverage area, the Ozinga business has also expanded its products beyond its beginnings. In the 1950s, the company started producing ready-mix concrete, one of its predominant products still today. Now offering building materials, energy solutions, and transportation services to its customers, the Ozinga brand is far much more than just concrete.

Builders know that starting with the right materials is key to getting a project off the ground and running, and no one understands that more than the people at Ozinga. Stone, gravel, sand, salt, and soil are all offered to customers on top of their classic ready-mix concrete. Ozinga has streamlined the process for the customer's benefit as well, transporting these materials directly to the customer, making purchase and delivery easily handled in one order. Those looking to save money and help the environment will want to check out Ozinga’s selection of recycled materials as well.

The transportation of these supplies might seem like a hassle to most business-minded customers, but Ozinga knows this struggle all too well, which is why they also offer transportation services to their customers. Be it across road, rail or water, Ozinga is experienced in all modes of transportation from their experience transporting their own materials. Ozinga also offers barging and towing services as well as storage, giving customers all means of protection for their materials.

The last piece of Ozinga’s product triangle is energy solutions. Offering on-site fueling stations, vehicle services, as well as maintenance repair facilities, Ozinga has all you need to make sure every part of your business is running smoothly. They also offer natural gas solutions to promote alternative energy as well as the tools to create your own fueling station so you can get your team off to work faster.

As you can see, Ozinga is about more than just concrete. Their business covers all bases, from transport to delivery and all the in-between. With four generations worth of hard work ethic that built this business, it’s safe to say that Ozinga is an American Dream realized.