Own Your Financial Future with Teacher’s Credit Union

TeachersCreditUnionLogoBanking is a fact of life. The majority of working adults trust their money to a bank, go to them for loans or mortgages, or whatever other financial services they require. Often lost in the shuffle is the fact that most major banks are publicly traded on the stock market, and are ultimately beholden to their shareholders – not the Americans whose money they handle. For people looking for a more personal experience, there’s Teacher’s Credit Union – the largest organization of its kind in Indiana.

Teacher’s Credit Union, founded more than 85 years ago, is the largest credit union in Indiana, with 54 branches and more than $3 billion in assets. What separates a credit union from a bank is that the members depositing their money own the organization. Based around the idea of people helping people, credit unions are nonprofits and the money they generate goes back into the organization, letting them increase interest rates on their members’ deposits or decrease the rates on loans taken out, putting more money into the members hands.

Just about anything you can imagine doing at a bank is possible at Teacher’s Credit Union, and with rates more favorable to members. And membership is open to everyone, not just teachers. Loans, mortgages, investment services, and comprehensive wealth management are all available for TCU members. From retirement planning, saving for your children’s college funds, and much more, TCU provides initial consultations at no cost or obligation to all of their members.

TCU has full-service locations scattered across Northwest Indiana in cities such as Whiting, St. John, and Valparaiso. This, combined with dozens of surcharge-free ATMs accessible around the Region, mean members are never far from their accounts. They also provide extensive internet banking, allowing members to pay bills, set up transfers, and manage their accounts from anywhere with an internet connection. They also have mobile apps for Android and Apple devices as convenience is a top priority.

Ultimately, TCU’s philosophy is to empower their members and the communities they serve to make the best possible decisions for their finances. Aside from all of their financial services, TCU provides members and non-members alike with financial literacy tools designed to teach good habits and strong decision making through the TCU Financial Empowerment Program powered by FoolProof. They even provide a free web-based educational curriculum for middle and high school teachers looking to educate their students about smart money management.

Access all of the free tools and resources Teacher’s Credit Union Provides online at www.tcunet.com. Take the next step and learn how to “own your financial future” by becoming a member at www.tcunet.com/becomeamember.