Overhead Door Shows Their Appreciation for Technicians on Supertech Day

Overhead Door Shows Their Appreciation for Technicians on Supertech Day
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: July 3, 2017

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana has been family owned and operated for over thirty years and those values were on display this morning in Merrillville as the staff and owners of the company honored their hardworking techs.

Super Tech Day, which has been in existence since 2008, is about celebrating the technicians in the garage door industry for all the work they do. For Overhead Door Company, it’s vital to their ethic of creating a tight-knit family with the employees to improve the experience of both employees and customers.

President and CEO Jim Cameron and his brother, Store Manager Tom Cameron, had high praise for their employees as they gathered around the table in their Merrillville store to share positive feedback and be rewarded with a warm breakfast.

“This is a great group of techs,” Tom Cameron began, “I would put you up against any other company in America. You guys do a fantastic job, none of what we do would matter if we didn’t have you guys servicing customers and doing installs. It’s really heartfelt, and I really appreciate your work and contribution every day.”

Technician Nick Chengary had this to say about Super Tech Day, “It’s really generous and appreciated.”

And as with many employees at Overhead Door, Chengary was happy about the family atmosphere that has been fostered at the company, “These are a great bunch of people I’d like to hang out with after work, and that’s rare in a lot of jobs.”

Jeremy Ortiz, who has been with the company for a year and is celebrating his first Supertech Day, said, “It’s appreciation for everything we techs do. They don’t need to do this for us, but it’s very appreciated.”

“It’s awesome,” said Dustin Green. “It gives you confidence in what you do for a living.”

Confidence is important to the Camerons, who take the time to get feedback from all those gathered. Their attention to the thoughts and experiences of their techs is easy to see as they go around the room asking, listening and enjoying a few laughs with the assembled techs.

CEO Jim Cameron was enthusiastic about the importance of the day for the techs and the company.

“You’ve got to show people that you care about them, I think sometimes you get busy in the work environment and forget to tell people, ‘hey thanks for what you do,’ and that’s the big key.”

To Cameron, it’s important to highlight the positive as a group and foster that sense of teamwork and constructive collaboration.

“The family atmosphere is what drew me here,” said Sales Coordinator Nathan Carrasquillo. “Super Tech Day is great. Without these guys, we wouldn’t be here; it’s great to celebrate everything they do for us every day.”