Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana offers same-day service to solve your garage door crisis

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana offers same-day service to solve your garage door crisis
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: November 15, 2019

Garage doors often go underappreciated until something goes wrong. Personal injury, car or property damage and total access for intruders are just a few of the possible complications that can arise. Fixing it as quickly as possible is a top priority, and for that, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana is available to provide same-day service and next-day installations.

With devices featuring as many moving parts as garage doors, same-day service and next day installation is not an easy task. Despite the challenge, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana saw a need and set out to meet it.

“We’re extremely proud to offer our quick response times,” said Jeff Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana. “The decision to get to people the same day truly came out of understanding how critical a problem with your garage door can be and how it can alter your day. We felt it was unacceptable to keep customers waiting for days on end.”

Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana serves customers across almost all of Northwest Indiana, and no team was better equipped to meet the task.

“Offering this is thanks in large part to the size and skill of our team, which is built around catering to customers’ needs,” Cameron said. “We know people have busy lives and need things done quickly and in accordance with their schedule.”

Every member of the Overhead Door team is an expert in their role, from the office staff answering the phones to the technicians out in the field.

“It has everything to do with skill and training,” Cameron said. “The office staff is skilled at diagnosing problems so that our guys know what work is required, which helps them get jobs done quickly. The techs are well-trained and knowledgeable, leading to efficient service calls.”

Every garage is different, but Overhead Door prepares for anything so that customers are never left without a solution.

“For installing doors next day, the key is keeping certain models in stock,” Cameron said. “We mostly keep traditional steel garage doors in stock for people who are in a bind. Custom orders and anything past your standard size and style will have to be ordered, but we can get your current door in safe working order in the meantime.”

To learn more about Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana as well as all of their products and services, visit www.overheaddoornwi.com.