Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ holds 9th annual Toy Drive for Fieler Elementary School

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ holds 9th annual Toy Drive for Fieler Elementary School

The Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana ™ annual Toy Drive may look a bit different than previous years, but that hasn’t stopped the team from providing Fieler Elementary School kids with all the toys and games they need. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic changing how the Toy Drive is run, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana ™ is about to make its largest donation to date.

“This year we expect to make our largest donation yet,” said Jeff Cameron, Marketing Coordinator at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana ™. “We usually like to donate enough toys to cover all the kids at Fieler Elementary School, and then some. This helps the stock classrooms for indoor recess.”

In past years, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana ™ has collected donations from their customers and looked forward to this collaboration with the community, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company opted to make their own contribution to the school.

Together as a company, team members tackled this new challenge with enthusiasm and brought in a record number of toys and games for the kids.

Located right around the corner from Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana ™ office, Fieler Elementary School will receive the donations before the holiday season when Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana ™. President/CEO Jim Cameron, Operations Manager Nathan Cameron, and Warehouse Manager Jay Abeyta look forward to personally delivering the toys. It’s a beloved company tradition that meets its mission of giving back to their community.

“Given the harsh economic situation due to COVID-19, we know that this year’s Toy Drive is critical to give the kids at Fieler Elementary the Christmas they deserve,” Jeff Cameron said. “In years past, we have given toys to fulfill all their needs and even have enough to fill their indoor recess bin. We plan on even surpassing that this year.”

“The Toy Drive is hands down our proudest moment of the year,” he continued. “We just want the community to know that it’s not only garage doors we are here to help with.”

For more information about Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana ™, please visit their website at https://www.overheaddoornwi.com/.