Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ highlights benefits of maintenance for Garage Door Safety Month

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana™ highlights benefits of maintenance for Garage Door Safety Month

It is Monday morning, you accidentally hit snooze on your alarm clock and now find yourself 10 minutes behind schedule. You skip your shower and head out to your car, thinking you are probably still ok to make to work on time when you get blindsided by something you didn’t even know could happen – your garage door is broken, and your car is trapped inside.

Garage doors are an essential part of daily routines across the globe but are all too easy not to think about them until something goes wrong. June is Garage Door Safety Month, so Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana ™ is encouraging everyone to learn a little bit more about how important it is to care for their garage door.

“Keep in mind that the garage door is the largest moving object in your home and it should be maintained on a regular basis to keep repairs to a minimum,” said Jeff Cameron, Marketing Coordinator at Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana ™. “Neglecting it could cost you financially in the long haul, it will break more often, and you’ll have to replace it sooner. Failure to properly maintain your door can and will result in it breaking at the most inconvenient time.”

There are a few easy ways to identify a problem with your door that do not require any extra knowledge.

“Any damage to the track or panels that either ruins the aesthetic of the door or effects the way it runs are good signs that a door needs to be replaced,” Cameron said. “Any popping noises or screeching are signs that maintenance needs to be done. If the door simply won’t open, that usually means that either the springs need to be replaced or that you need a new opener entirely.”

Broken garage door spring
Repaired garage door srping
Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana
A broken garage door spring, and the repair by Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana ™

It is easy for a layperson to underestimate the complexity of a garage door and make mistakes that worsen the problem as they try to repair it on their own.

“One big mistake is continuing to run a door up and down trying to figure out the problem,” Cameron said. “Another is moving or tampering with safety sensors. They’re a key part of the door and without them, serious injury can occur. If you’re not sure about something like broken springs or cables, call an expert out. It can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

There is one simple thing you can do on your own to lengthen the life of your garage door - lubricate it.

“Owners should lubricate the hinges, rollers, cable drum, springs, and operator chain,” Cameron said. “We usually recommend you use WD-40, but you can also purchase our Overhead Door brand lubricant from us.”

Scheduling with Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana ™ is simple, simply call 219-738-2929 or visit www.overheaddoornwi.com.

“Take advantage of scheduled maintenance calls. We can perform all service or replacement contactless if requested,” Cameron said. “They’ll save you money over time and they give a technician a chance to give you tips about what they see happening with your door before something goes wrong.”