Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Employee Spotlight: Juan Urbina Diaz

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Employee Spotlight: Juan Urbina Diaz
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: February 7, 2019

Juan Urbina Diaz always prided himself on his with work ethic, something he got from his mother. Whether he was training as a junior sous chef, working at an oil refinery, or stacking crates, he gave it his all. After exploring a career in many trades, he stumbled on a job ad from Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana.

He was working on doors at a dairy farm at the time, and the fact that he had welding and mechanical experience landed him the job at Overhead Door.

Now, Urbina is a technician who travels all across the Region installing new garage doors, making repairs, and meeting good people.

“I’ve been here for about a year and everybody that I’ve met has been really nice,” he said. “I’ve worked for chefs who are just constantly yelling at you, maybe because they saw Gordon Ramsay doing it on TV, but I’ve never been yelled at here,” he joked. “This company is generally phenomenal. It’s one of those places where you don’t mind working extra. Jim [Cameron, owner] makes it awesome, and I’ve learned so much from his son Jimmy and I try to be more like him.”

Urbina is adaptable thanks to his diverse experience, and is eager to solve new problems.

“There’s a lot to the work, depending on what the issue is,” he said. “At times you have to do a lot of thinking and it can be challenging, but that’s the part that I enjoy the most. That’s where it gets fun, when you really need to use your head.”

The challenge might be what keeps Urbina loving the work itself, but he is most impressed with how Overhead Door owners treat customers and employees with compassion.

“The owner one of those guys that you just don’t want to disappoint,” Urbina said. “He’s a nice guy and treats you really well, so you feel like ‘what can I do to go above and beyond for him?’”

The team, the work, and the people he meets make Overhead Door a company Urbina says he never wants to leave. To learn more about the business, visit www.overheaddoornwi.com.