Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Employee Spotlight: Brent Verkler

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana Employee Spotlight: Brent Verkler

Brent Verkler experiences a lot of stories. Sometimes they reveal themselves in a garage he enters, other times a client pulls up a chair and fills him in on their lives as he gets to work installing a new garage door opener.

Verkler is a service technician at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana. He spends his days traveling across the Region doing all manner of maintenance on garage doors and their openers. Every garage and every person tells a unique story.

“It’s a different place every day,” Verlker said. “Sometimes you meet five new customers a day and if you multiply that by five or six times a week you can start to see how many people we get to meet.”

Whether they chat with him while he works or set off to do errands of their own, Verkler’s favorite part of any job is seeing customers react to a completed install.

“I like that end product, when the customer sees what you’ve accomplished. That’s probably my favorite aspect of the job,” he said. “Hearing that positive feedback is very important to me. I like hearing that l left an impression.”

Verkler is a veteran of the construction industry, which is often filled with very solitary jobs. Of all the different roles he has tried his hand at, garage door service is by far his favorite because of how closely he gets to work with customers.

“There are so many construction jobs out there were you can’t directly help people like you can here,” he said. “With elderly people, for example, I can help people who aren’t capable of doing this work alone. Going in, interacting with them, and hearing their stories is really satisfying.”

Much like the people he meets, every new installation or repair job is a unique experience. The work is a puzzle where Verkler figures out what caused a problem, and solves it.

“There’s jobs that take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, depending on what happened to the door,” he said. “Sometimes it’s as simple as spraying the door down and greasing it up.”

Even with all his experience, there are sometimes rare puzzles that stump him. When that happens, he feels especially glad to work for Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana because they offer some of the best backup around -- his bosses.

“If you have a question out in the field when you’re doing an emergency call, our owner Jim Cameron wants you to call him regardless of the time or date,” Verkler said. “At a lot of other places I’ve worked for before, the owners wouldn’t want you to do that. Here, they want you to call and interact with them and that’s so important.”

The work, the people, and the dedication of Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana led Verkler to one conclusion.

“Garage doors are definitely what I want to do for the rest of my life,” he said. “It might sound cliché, but that’s definitely how I feel.”

To learn more about Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana, visit overheaddoornwi.com.