Our Fixed Credit Card Rates Didn’t Increase.

Our Fixed Credit Card Rates Didn’t Increase.

Do you have variable-rate credit cards in your wallet?

Did your rates already jump once this year? In case you haven't heard, they probably will again very soon.

That’s why you need a Visa Platinum card from REGIONAL. Our FIXED RATE credit card comes with the worldwide purchasing power and fraud protection of Visa, but with FIXED RATES that will not go up, regardless of federal rate hikes or inflation.

Transfer your variable-rate balances to your fixed-rate REGIONAL Visa Platinum and save money both monthly and long-term. Think of it as an inflation-buster that fits in your pocket.

Call 1-800-762-7419 and speak to a Lending Expert, learn more about our fixed-rate Visa Platinum cards at regionalfcu.org, or apply for your card online today at https://apps-regional.ns3web.com/NSLoan