OHD of NWI’s New OHD Anywhere App Puts Garage Security in Good Hands…Yours

OHDNWI-1There are moments, and then there are “a ha” moments. When you invent an app that helps to solve one of the largest (from a number of ways) security vulnerabilities on your home, that is the “a ha” moment.

What is this “a ha” moment? It’s Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana’s new OHD Anywhere app that gives you the peace of mind in knowing you are the master of your garage door security.

The OHD Anywhere app allows you to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere, letting you know when the door has opened, closed, or moved. And the advantage to the OHD Anywhere app over other garage monitoring apps? Overhead Door’s app works off a sensor attached to the garage door, and not the garage door opener, meaning whenever your door makes a move, you get alerted.

The OHD Anywhere app also allows one the ability to open and close their door with the touch of a button, so your garage password stays your garage password, and not a shared password between you, the delivery driver, the babysitter, and the one neighbor that wants to borrow your leaf blower.

Best of all? The app is free! It’s easy to download on either Itunes or Android devices, and even comes with simple, easy-to-use instructions that make setting up your OHD Anywhere app a sinch!

Stop in sometime to Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana, or give the team a call, and ask how about how the OHD Anywhere app can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your garage door is in good hands….yours.