Oak Partners Shows Love for Clients

Oak Partners Shows Love for Clients

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Thankfulness and appreciation really do go a long way. On Monday night Oak Partners Inc. put those two morals right front and center by hosting their annual Client Advocacy Night at Cedar Lake's Lighthouse Restaurant. The group hosts the event as a thanks to all of their clients who have referred their contacts to Oak Partners within the last year. The event invited 150 special people to wine, dine, and enjoy a night on behalf of a company that puts an incredible amount of value into their clients.

For all of the company's advisers, working at Oak Partners doesn't just mean holding a job. For the past 21 years Oak has prided themselves on having a close relationships with their clients. F. Marc Ruiz, a Senior Partner at Oak Partners, said that the night really highlights what the firm holds dear.

"All of the people in the room are people who have gone out in the community and have advocated Oak Partners and have made our business better," Ruiz explained. "We are so honored to have the clients trust and our client's friendship that we have. It's a great thing for our firm to be thought of in that way."

Crystal DeHaven, the Director of Client Experience, agreed.

"It goes way beyond being a client at Oak; many are family to us. It justifies everything that we do when we get to know everyone we work with." DeHaven stated. "Talking about the grandkids, about the family, everything that's going makes the day so much more enjoyable."

Right from when the guests were welcomed to cocktails to dessert it was apparent on how close Oak Partners was with their clients. They all had stories about moments with each other, they gave out hugs and warm handshakes, and most of all they couldn't stop saying how much they meant to the company. After dinner was served, each group (Capital Management, Principal Management, Strategic Investment, Wealth Management, and Retirement Asset Management Group) took to the front of the room to spotlight a particular couple who had helped them out the most. Before the names were said aloud each of them spoke about what those two people meant to the group, and why it was so important to show their appreciation. In return all of the people who accepted their recognition genuinely were happy about their acknowledgement.

Gail Achterhof was one of the many to receive special thanks that night and she explained that the night really did show how the thankfulness goes both ways.

"We have been working with Oak Partners for about four years now and to get this tonight was amazing. I was shocked to be chosen," Achterhof stated.

Jeff Casteel, who has been a client of Oak Partners for the past six years, had the same feelings as everyone in that room - that Oak Partners is really a unique business.

In a beautiful snowflake decorated room, hearing beautiful music played by Nicole Jamrose, having been greeted like everyone was truly meant to be there, it was no stretch to see what Oak Partner's clients have. In an area that needs so much trust, so much attention, having a family, trustworthy atmosphere amps up the company's mission. Oak Partners really did show that they need their clients as much as their clients need them. Showcasing their investment in their clients and their immense thankfulness in return made their Client Advocacy night an evening that will be remembered fondly for months to come.

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