Oak Partners Shows Client Appreciation with Day of Basketball

Oak Partners Shows Client Appreciation with Day of Basketball

Oak Partners held another successful day of barbecue, beer, and basketball. Hosting about 160 clients at True BBQ and Whiskey Bar, Oak Partners offered their clients an enjoyable way to spend time with each other, as well as staff, while enjoying March Madness festivities.

“We host this event because our clients love basketball,” said Crystal DeHaven,Director of Client Experience. “It turned out to be a huge hit the first time we hosted it and we’ve continued it every year. It’s an opportunity to spend time with our clients and a lot of them bring friends.”

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For the past seven years, Oak Partners has hosted the event. The past two years, the event was held at True BBQ. “We try to switch up the location,” DeHaven said.

Wealth Adviser Stacey Fargo said, “This is what we consider one of our love events. We want to bring our clients and have it be a noninvasive way for them to introduce us to their friends and family. It’s really just a fun day to hangout with our clients in an informal social event.”

Clients were invited to stop by anytime between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. to enjoy food, drinks, and of course, the basketball tournament.

“It’s one of our largest client events of the year,” continued Fargo. “We have people coming in a couple times during breaks at work if they’re close by. They can come for lunch or dinner or just stay for an hour. It’s kind of like an open house type atmosphere.”

Not only was the day about enjoying basketball, but it was also about showing appreciation for the clients.

“Most of our clients see us four to eight times a year,” said Partner Fred Ruiz. “They see us for business. They see us socially. They see us for seminars. Because of this, we become very very close and it becomes a very important relationship. I believe that the importance of Oak Partners is because of the importance of the relationship. We love our clients and they love us.”

Client Al Lasowski said, “I’ve been with them Oak Partners for six years already and they've always welcomed me. These events are just getting together and seeing people. It’s not about the finances today. It’s more about enjoyment. You get to see a lot of people you haven’t seen and meet new people."

Sporting a Purdue crew neck for the start of the game, Client Ron Yates said, “[Oak Partners] has a large, diverse client base. At this event I get to see a lot of people I don’t see on a normal basis and I get to see the diversity of people that belong to Oak because there are people anywhere from early 50’s to 70 or 80 years old.”

Curt Maguran, Wealth Adviser, said, “It’s a good way for us to get in touch with our clients and bring everyone together on a night that we normally wouldn’t. We are able to get in touch with everybody and bring everybody’s interests together.”

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