Oak Partners Has Coffee and Conversation with Maple City Roasters

Oak Partners Has Coffee and Conversation with Maple City Roasters

The pungent smell of freshly brewed coffee drew people in to Oak Partners Crown Point location. Upon entering the building, talking and laughter could be heard. It mingled with the smell of the coffee and provided a lovely atmosphere.

This was Coffee Talk Friday. Maple City Roasters had stopped by for a coffee tasting and Q and A session that clients and staff of Oak Partners took part in. 

"Maple City Roasters is here to discuss with our clients about what they do and how they make coffee better," Michael Barancik, Senior Partner and Wealth Managers said. "It relates to what we do here at Oak Partners because we believe that we have found a better way to do investment management."

Events like this are common at Oak Partners. They believe that communication is very important for a business to be successful and so they like to provide sound and relevant information, while still having a bit of fun along the way.

Scott Ott, Owner of Maple City Roasters, enlightened the group on his business and what sets it apart from other coffee companies.

"I was invited here to do a tasting," Ott said. "And what sets me apart is the high quality beans that I buy from Costa Rica. Don't ever ask me to buy cheap beans."

Maple City Roasters is locally owned and operated in Michigan City. Ott heads to Costa Rica himself to get his coffee beans. He then roasts them, flavors them, bags them, and delivers them to waiting clients. Everything is done in-house.

The coffee that Maple City Roasters has is low in acidity so it doesn't upset anyone's stomach or give them heartburn. The taste difference is noticeable as well. It's smooth and roasted perfectly so there is no burnt taste to it. 

Ott spoke to everyone about his business and what he does to make it successful from the customer interaction to research and experimentation to traveling to get the exact ingredients he needs. He was very knowledgeable about both the craft and the business aspect. Many questions were thrown his way throughout his presentation as their interests were quite piqued.

Oak Partners did right in bringing Maple City Roasters out for this event. It gives their clients a chance to see the results of a successful passion and business pairing, it gives Maple City Roasters a chance for exposure in Lake County, and it gave everyone the opportunity to try a high quality and locally made product.