Oak Partners’ Clint Henry Shows his love for community and VHS baseball with new scoreboard sponsorship

Oak Partners’ Clint Henry Shows his love for community and VHS baseball with new scoreboard sponsorship

Amazing acts of generosity happen in the community every day, and Valparaiso High School’s (VHS) athletics department just received a very thoughtful gift. Clint Henry, VHS JV baseball coach and a partner and wealth advisor for Oak Partners, recently gave a considerable donation to VHS to fund a new scoreboard for the baseball field.

Henry has been with Oak Partners for 18 years. Oak Partners has always been committed to giving back to the communities it serves and encourages its employees to do the same. Henry has definitely taken that encouragement to heart. Despite not currently having kids in the baseball program, Henry has volunteered for VHS baseball for five years. 

Clint’s love for the game began early.  He played since he was a young boy and throughout high school.  His claim to fame was hitting the game winning run that would lead the Pirates (Merrillville High School) to state in 1996.  Years later he continued his passion for baseball through coaching his three boys and now as the JV coach at Valparaiso High School. 

Henry first served as an assistant and mostly helped the boys train in the off-season. This year, though, with the support of his firm and family, he decided he wanted to support the team even more and took on the role of JV coach. 

“Many people don’t understand why I do this when I don’t have any kids who currently play. I’m here for my love of the game. I get to coach the kids and help them get better at baseball and life. That’s what matters to me, and if something I teach sticks with them in their life, that’s enough,” said Henry.

Two years ago, the VHS athletic fields underwent a massive renovation. The natural grass and dirt baseball field was replaced with a turf field that has made training and playing games much easier for the team, especially considering northwest Indiana weather in the Spring season.

With such a beautiful new field, Henry was inspired by his co-workers and firm who are always finding ways to give back to the community through sponsorships, so he decided that for his first significant sponsorship, he wanted to sponsor a new scoreboard.

“Everybody at my firm gives back in some way because we’re very grateful for the community that we have here in Valparaiso. This is my way,” said Henry.

Together, Henry and his Oak Partners firm gave a donation to the VHS athletic department for a scoreboard topped with a branded truss emblazoned with the Viking mascot and “Valparaiso High School”. Construction got started, and by the time the baseball team came back from spring break, they had a wonderful new scoreboard. 

“The kids were ecstatic. Of course, our goal is to be sure we'll have more runs showing up there than the other teams we play,” laughed Head Baseball Coach Todd Evans.

Sponsoring the new scoreboard was ultimately the perfect way for Henry to take his support for VHS baseball one step further. The scoreboard looks sharp with the new field and brings it all

together—when you look at it you can’t help but feel school and community pride.

The entire VHS baseball team is grateful to Henry and all that he has done for them over the years. Whether it was helping the team train, teaching the kids a life lesson, or providing a gift that will keep on giving to the team for many years to come, Henry has shown that he is more than just a passionate volunteer. He’s a person who cares deeply for his community and will do everything he can to make sure it thrives.

“The scoreboard is just a physical representation of how he gives back—he’s given back in so many more ways than this,” said Evans.

Henry is glad everyone loves the new scoreboard as much as he does, but he’s mostly just happy to be part of such a special team.

“I just love having the opportunity to give back to something I thoroughly enjoy. This is where I live. The kids I’m coaching on the JV team are kids that I’ve been coaching since they were 6 or 7 years old, so I have so many connections with them and their families. It’s about being a part of something that you love while also showing your support,” said Henry.

To learn more about Oak Partners and its giving team, visit oakpartners.com.