NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s nursing staff always puts patients first

NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s nursing staff always puts patients first

Created to provide the highest quality medical care in Northwest Indiana, NW Indiana ER & Hospital has become one of the area’s premier 24/7 medical facilities. A key element of this success is the nursing team. 

Director of Nursing Mary Ann Green believes that NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s unique combination of personalized care, a welcoming facility, and a dedicated staff that make the facility so special. 

“NW Indiana ER & Hospital provides exceptional care from the minute you walk in the door until you walk out,” Green said.

Green is among the many NW Indiana ER & Hospital nurses who joined the team after seeing the problems at large, congested medical facilities. 

“What drew me to NW Indiana ER & hospital was the philosophy of the doctors,” said Green. “They started this hospital with the thought of taking back medicine, concentrating on the patients and not just the numbers.”

Nursing has always been a difficult occupation, and COVID-19 made that career even more challenging. 

“After COVID, many nurses left patient care,” said Chief Nurse Officer Amanda Jensen. “NW Indiana ER & Hospital spoke to me because I was burned out with the lack of care provided to patients.” 

For Jensen and others, it was this drive to be patient-focused that drew them to work at NW Indiana ER & Hospital as a nurse.

“During onboarding, the owners showed me that compassionate care could be given to patients again,” said Jensen. “No one is considered just another patient. We tailor everything to their needs.” 

“NW Indiana ER & Hospital allows nurses to spend time with patients and to really serve the community the best way we can,” added Green. 

The nursing staff at NW Indiana ER & Hospital ensures not only that each patient receives personalized care but that they also have access to the best facilities and equipment.

“We can provide care that is different from other facilities—high-quality comprehensive care that is more personalized,” said Green. 

In addition to providing care at the highest level, NW Indiana ER & Hospital does so in record time. 

With virtually no wait time, NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s patients are usually seen within minutes.

“We see our patients quickly, and the doctors spend more time with the patients,” said Green.

Coupling time and resources allows nurses like Katie Dobbs, RN to thrive at NW Indiana ER & Hospital. 

“Most facilities have limited resources in terms of staff and time,” said Dobbs. “NW Indiana ER & Hospital allows me to foster a better nurse-patient relationship which leads to better care overall.”

NW Indiana ER & Hospital is open 24 hours a day seven days a week and is located at 7904 Cabela Drive in Hammond.

To learn more about the nurses and staff at NW Indiana ER & Hospital, please visit nwindianaer.com.