NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s emergency room finds strength in small numbers

NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s emergency room finds strength in small numbers

“Some may see our small size as a drawback, but we believe that gives us an advantage. We’re able to be much more attentive to each patient, we remember them by name, and our doctors always call our patients back to see how they’re doing,” said Kevin Frazier.  

Though small in size, Marketing Director Kevin Frazier stated that the emergency room at NW Indiana ER & Hospital is hugely capable of providing stellar care for their patients. They are in line with any other ER in the area, and are able to grapple with serious infections, shortness of breath, chest pains, trauma, acute care, pediatric care, heart attacks, and more.  

On account of their comprehensive care, patients who visit the emergency room can expect to see a board-certified emergency room physician and be on their way home within 30 minutes. 

“Once the patient is here, the clock begins ticking,” Frazier said. “As soon as that patient is registered and the ER nurse’s station gets the alert that there is a patient waiting, they work to get the patient back there as soon as possible. In nearly all cases, we’re able to bring back our patients to the triage area well before they have finished their intake paperwork.” 

“It’s not a revolving door here,” Frazier continued. “Our staff is dedicated to anyone who walks through these doors, and we begin devising ways to get them feeling better and on their way immediately. There is no time wasted at all.” 

NW Indiana ER & Hospital was founded by five physician partners with a philosophy to guarantee that their patients are able to see a physician when taken into the hospital’s care. The partners’ drive to uphold this standard of care is reflected in their daily actions at the hospital. Rather than working from behind a desk as one might expect a founder to do, all five physician partners have staffed the emergency room and worked clinically since the hospital’s inception, including the CEO. 

Since the beginning, the hospital has grown and hired three more board-certified emergency room physicians, bringing the hospital to a total of eight providers. The leadership at NW Indiana ER & Hospital is selective about not only the qualifications of candidates, but also who the candidates are as individuals.  

The founding physicians met in previous clinical settings where they were able to share experiences, get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, fill in each other’s gaps, and become a trusted, close-knit family. With this history in mind, the hospital seeks to employ other physicians that are able to communicate well to expand upon this culture of trust. This has led them to hire the best people for the job who will give patients the best experience. 

“Our high-quality, attentive care goes back to our great staff,” Frazier said. “Everyone that enters the patient’s room, whether it’s a tech to draw blood, the nurse coming in to check vitals, or the doctor performing the examination, reassures that patient. It’s great that our staff gives each patient that peace of mind that, we are working hard to make sure you feel better when you leave here than when you came.’” 

To learn more about the NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s dedication to care, visit https://www.nwindianaer.com/