NW Indiana ER & Hospital provides same-day results with Imaging Wing

NW Indiana ER & Hospital provides same-day results with Imaging Wing

When you just want results, waiting to schedule medical imaging, going to the appointment, getting a scan done, and then waiting some more to receive the results can be a hassle that draws out the concerns of patients and delays appropriate treatment for their ailment. At NW Indiana ER & Hospital, the Imaging Wing cuts down the time this process takes through its same-day imaging.  

While it may take a day or two for patients to see their imaging results with certain scans, Lead Radiologic Technologist Goce Lazoski said many patients are able to receive those results within a matter of minutes and hours, rather than days.  

“Our images can be sent to your doctor directly,” Lazoski said. “We have a system where we can actually email you your results as soon as they come in. You could actually have access to your images and your report within 30 minutes to an hour. All we need is an email address, and we’ll forward you your personal information.” 

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Once the imaging is done, NW Indiana ER & Hospital has an online portal for patients and doctors where they can access results as soon as they are uploaded.  

Every study can be turned around with same-day results depending on pending prior insurance authorization. While pending insurance may delay results, the Imaging Wing team of six will certainly do their part in providing results as quickly as possible.  

In light of NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s small size, its equipment is readily available to its doctors. At larger hospitals, many departments must share a limited number of imaging machines and technology with each other, creating a lack of access and therefore slowing of results. At NW Indiana ER & Hospital, only the emergency department and outpatient imaging department deal with imaging, so the staff does not experience the bureaucracy involved with imaging use at larger hospitals. 

Lazoski noted that because of its 24/7 access to the equipment, NW Indiana ER & Hospital is also able to provide quick results around the clock. 

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“The fact that our emergency room has direct access at any time of the night is a way our team provides quality care,” he said. “If people come here in an emergency situation, we have everything right next door so we could do a stat MRI at 1 a.m. if we need to.” 

Simple imaging procedures like X-rays can even be done on a walk-in basis aside from any insurance holdings. For more complex procedures like a sprained ankle, patients would either need to see one of NW Indiana ER & Hospital’s ER doctors or have an imaging order from their doctor before getting their imaging done. 

“We do try to work with the majority of the doctors that are in the area and communicate on a regular basis,” Lazoski said. “If other doctor’s offices would like, they can fax us a report or an order that way we can get the ball rolling before the patient even gets here.” 

Communicating with doctors in the area helps eliminate unnecessary wait time for patients. The traditional route to scheduling imaging work would often entail patients taking time off work for an initial consultation and then having to take more time off work for the actual procedure.  

NW Indiana ER & Hospital can do the imaging procedure the same day as the consultation if all the necessary authorizations are in place prior to the consultation, which they are often able to accomplish through this proactive communication. In the ideal situation, NW Indiana ER & Hospital will do the work for the patient so all they have to do is simply show up. 

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