#1StudentNWI: Lip Sync Battles to Remember at Wirt-Emerson

#1StudentNWI: Lip Sync Battles to Remember at Wirt-Emerson
By: Kay Spencer Last Updated: February 16, 2016

Student of the Month

Itesiah Hunter is a senior at Wirt-Emerson with extremely commendable attributes. She is an outstanding athlete, student, and most importantly friend. Itesiah is like a ball of friendship; she takes tremendous pride in assuring those around that they are meaningful and that they to matter in this world. She embodies the very definition of friendship and helps all of her friends to become the best version of themselves. “Itesiah is like the best friend I’ve ever had. She listens to me when I’m feeling down and she tries to help bring me up, she is truly one of the people who make our school as amazing as it is.” Maria Hardy says.

Itesiah has been playing basketball since elementary school at Banneker Achievement Center and she now plays Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball for Westside Leadership Academy. She just currently finished the last season of her high school career, reigning victorious at sectionals. “It was a tough season but we played hard, and everything turned out alright. We won 19 lost 5.“ Although she is a highly proclaimed athlete Itsesiah doesn’t plan to play basketball in college. Itesiah plans to attend either Indiana State or Purdue Lafayette and major in business to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Lip Sync Battle to Remember

On February 11th 2016 Wirt-Emerson’s Year Book Committee hosted round one of their first ever Lip Sync Battle! The battle went extremely successful attracting a large quantity of the student body, to help raise funds for the Yearbook Committee. The students put on an extremely intriguing show with the judges sitting stage left observing their lip syncing skills. The show began on a firing note, with Kaitlin Edmonds synching Lady Gaga’s proclaimed song “Do what you want” exciting the crowd into a roaring sound of enthusiasm. As the show progressed, there were several crowd roaring selections especially with a group synching R.Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”. Then finally, at the end of the show Delawrence Nixon synched the extremely commendable “When A Woman Loves” and stole the entire show.

Coming up on Tuesday this week, the Committee is hosting the second round of the battle or in other words the Finals! The students who made it to the finals are extremely excited and so are member of the committee! Delawrence Nixon says “The Finals are going to be electrified and there is a message that I’m putting across to my audience with my performance so I’m prepared for it.” Nataija Johnson, on the committee, is also excited and prepared for what’s to come. “It was so fun to see everyone break out of their shells and become so engulfed in the battle. I can’t wait to see who wins.”

Teacher/Administrator of the Month

There is something very special about a teacher who inspires his students to learn, who inspires them to look at things from a broader spectrum, and who teaches his students more than the books but instills with them life lessons. Mr. Miller is the senior Government teacher and Dean at Wirt-Emerson Visual Performing arts academy with extreme humor, wisdom, knowledge, and personality. He takes on two extreme roles, and handles them both with ease as if he’d been double tasking his entire life.

Being in Mr. Miller’s class is like sitting in a Socratic seminar, asking so many questions and somehow getting those all answered. Each part of history spoken out loud by Mr. Miller is encrypted into your mind instantaneously. He teaches Governmental history in a way that is easy to remember, but hard to forget. Maria Hardy says, “Being in Mr. Miller’s class is amazing. He teaches us about Government in a way that we understand. He helps us to realize that our founding fathers who created our government were people just like us with practical ideals.”

Mr. Miller is professed by every student in the school to be a beacon of the vision of what we want people to see us as. Mr. Miller sees us all as little humans who make mistakes and learns from them, he sees the potential in every student and he doesn’t give up on them. Every student who may walk into his office in trouble leaves with a new sense of reality, and a new quantity of hope.

Student Council with More to Come

The Student Council of Wirt-Emerson is built entirely of leaders who stride through the art stained halls in their suits and ties being voices for the entire student body, breathing upon them hope. These social elites take pride in their student government achievements and are searching for more opportunities to better the atmosphere of their precious Wirt-Emerson. Coming up, they have big initiatives to better the student body, and our school community. The President Delawrence Nixon says, “We are guiding our school in a process of progress.”

The Council is planning a Beach Clean-up for this coming summer, a new mentoring program, and a new officer’s inauguration ceremony. “This year we are trying to publicize the council more with an inauguration ceremony, to allow all of the students to be familiar with the faces that represent them. We are also trying to make sure that the torch we are handing down doesn’t burn out, and with doing this we want to find community service driven activity like the beach clean.” Says the Vice-President.