Nothing like a cold beer and America’s Pastime

Nothing like a cold beer and America’s Pastime
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: June 25, 2019

Strong organizations tend to gravitate to each other, and the resulting partnership strengthens each company in turn. As distributor for the South Bend Cubs, Indiana Beverage is ecstatic to align themselves with a partner that provides entertainment, communion, and revitalization to the Region. 

For the past five years, the family-owned beer wholesaler has ensured that Four Winds Field, the home of the South Bend Cubs, is equipped with the essential element for any ball game—ice cold beer in fans’ hands. And with 90,000 fans a season milling into the stadium, that’s a lot of activity for Indiana Beverage to enjoy and supply for. 

“The South Bend Cubs are one of the greatest things to happen to South Bend,” said Pat Flynn, Vice President of Customer Relations and Community Affairs at Indiana Beverage. “They’re in the business of reinventing themselves and the area all the time.”

Flynn, a South Bend native himself, said the MiLB team shares a lot of footholds with Indiana Beverage, making their partnership that much more beneficial.

“The dust never settles in the beer business—we can’t stand still. We’re on a fast track all the time, and so are they” Flynn said. “We’re both constantly looking for new ways to market ourselves, and we both work with a sense of urgency. They bend over backwards to help us, and we do the same for them.”

In addition to the similar, demanding nature of each industry, Indiana Beverage and the South Bend Cubs have roots that tie them together in more meaningful ways.

“We are both family-owned companies, and the most important thing to each of us is our employees’ happiness,” Flynn said. 

Another important element to both companies is community involvement. 

“[South Bend Cubs President] Joe Hart maintains a great presence in the community, and that’s something we encourage among our team, too,” Flynn said. “It’s great to be associated with a team who has the same work ethic we do.”

For Indiana Beverage, working with the South Bend Cubs is another win in a long string of successes. 

“We’ve been very fortunate to work with the best national, regional, and local brands in the beer industry—I don’t know anyone who has as much variety as we house in our portfolio,” Flynn said. “We’re proud and humble at the same time, and working with the South Bend Cubs has been spectacular. They’re really shaping the area, and we’re looking forward to a long relationship.” 

Plan your trip to Four Winds Field this summer, catch the South Bend Cubs in action, and enjoy a beer, courtesy of Indiana Beverage.

After all, like Flynn said, “You know, there’s nothing better than having a cold beer and a hot dog at a ball game. Play ball!”