Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Brandy Jania

Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Brandy Jania

This week’s Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight is the courageous Brandy Jania. Brandy, lives in Crown Point with her husband Kelly and their six-year-old boxer mix Abbie. Jania is the Program Manager of the REAL Fathers Initiative Program at Geminus, and she also works as a therapist with Dr. Jan Elliot.

Brandy’s passion though is in helping other women who struggle with and bringing awareness to infertility. Jania and her husband were married in 2008 and since 2010 they have been trying to become parents. What may seem like such a simple dream to so many has been a heartbreaking struggle to Brandy and Kelly.

“After three years of trying on our own and not a single successful pregnancy we decided to make our first appointment at a fertility clinic, and our story is still in progress” said Jania. They have spent over $20,000 in fertility treatments over the years, have gone through two miscarriages, and have met with numerous doctors in their quest to bring home a baby.

Two years ago after her first miscarriage and feeling isolated and alone her journey, Jania decided to start the local support group Fighting for our Families. Fighting for our Families meets at 10am on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Sip Coffee House in Crown Point. This group of women who she has brought together are able to support each other as they go through their individual infertility journeys and struggles. This past summer she even collaborated with three other women from the group to raise money through an event at the Merrillville Fire Station in order to help pay for the costly fertility treatment medical bills that insurance in Indiana does not cover.

“There were over 300 people who came out and we were overwhelmed by the amazing turnout and support of our community, friends and family.” said Jania.

Outside of all of her work and community involvement, Jania and her husband are members of Faith Church in Dyer. They have found immense comfort through their faith and the church as they continue in their hopes to become parents.

Jania said, “I absolutely love it, as soon as I walked in I immediately found what I was looking for."

She and her husband, the Captain at the Merrillville Fire Department, have also helped to raise money for the Hoosier Burn Camp over the years. With her dedication to helping so many in our community in numerous way, Brandy is making huge strides here in Northwest Indiana.

To learn more about Fighting For Our Families please check them out on Facebook at: