NorthShore Health Centers Employee in the Spotlight: Dr. Matthew Tipton

NorthShore Health Centers Employee in the Spotlight: Dr. Matthew Tipton

Matthew Tipton, M.D., is NorthShore Health Centers’ newest practitioner. He was born and raised in Gary and, from a young age, knew that he wanted to make a difference in his community.

“I always knew that I wanted to do something prestigious, something that wasn’t really popular here in my city, and something where I could give back,” Tipton said. “We all know about Gary and its history, and I wanted to do something that could hopefully break some of that mold. So, I thought that being a doctor would be one of the ways to do that.”

As an OB/GYN at a nonprofit, federally qualified community health clinic, Tipton will be able to serve some of the most vulnerable people in his hometown community – regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

“It’s so perfect, just perfect,” Tipton said. “It’s just so aligned with what my life mission is and what my family’s mission is. It’s a perfect marriage, and I’m grateful every day that I have the opportunity to be in this position. I’m able to give back and help educate the young women in the city.”

Any medical professional endures a long education process before they set off on their own, gaining experience from mentors and teachers who help shape what field the student ultimately enters. For Tipton, the defining moment was when his aunt, an OB nurse, showed him his first delivery.

“When I saw that, I had an even more profound respect for women,” he said. “It gave me a new outlook on women’s health and I knew I wanted to be treating women on the frontline. They’re the cornerstones of families, of this world, because they’re so strong with everything they have to go through.”

He credits many of the strong women in his life for helping him get as far as he has.

“My mom and my sister are very strong, prominent figures in my life and they played a huge role in helping to shape me,” Tipton said. “And both of my grandmothers, each of them are very strong and have had to go through insurmountable things. That helped me become who I am. I stand on all of their shoulders; my grandma, mom, sister, and aunts. They coddled me and made sure that I didn’t have to struggle for much so I could be as successful as I am today.”

As he settles into his role at NorthShore, the first thing on his mind is making sure to build trust with his patients.

“My first initial interaction is to let my patients know that I’ll do anything to improve their health,” Tipton explained. “It’s about gaining their trust so that I can ensure they’re as educated and self-empowered as possible. That’s my philosophy and approach when it comes to patients.”

Tipton currently lives in Chicago with his fiancée, and loves to explore the city and travel as a pair. He is also a passionate hip-hop music fan and his brother is Freddie Gibbs, a globally famous hip-hop/rap artist.

“I just like to have fun,” he said. “I love to be around my family, that’s a big part of why I came back to this area.”

There is one big message that he hopes to share with his patients and anyone he meets.

“Take control of your health,” he said. “You have a life to live, be sure that you make educated decisions about what you do to your body. I even have to remind myself of that on a daily basis. You have to take care of this vessel if you plan to be here a long time for the people that you love.”

To learn more about NorthShore Health Centers, their doctors, and all of their services, visit Dr. Tipton is now accepting new patients at the NorthShore location in Merrillville. Contact the Merrillville location at 9219) 763-8112.